My Knock On Wood

Califon,  NJ 
United States
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Ever catch yourself saying "knock on wood" like millions of other folks, but there’s no real wood to be found?  Too often we feel shorthanded, searching around for real wood where we can put our knuckles to work. 

The fix?  myKnockonWood of course! A little personal good luck charm by your side for when you need it the most!

myKnockOnWood is a conveniently sized, polished real wood desk toy that comes with 2 high quality dual-lock fasteners to attach anywhere!

Knock any time you need some luck, positive vibes or rub with the palm of your hand for instant stress relief.

Amit Tyagi founded myKnockOnWood in 2018, he was inspired to create products that brought smiles, laughter and positivity to the drab office space.

Our product was designed to be easy, convenient and durable.  It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or carry with you in your purse or pocket.  Seriously, the easiest gift to give!

No assembly, no instructions. Take it out of the box, attach and knock.

myKnockOnWood is patented and was featured on QVC and Zulily, it is currently selling on Amazon with raving customer reviews!

Come visit us at Hall 1D, Booth 10 or email us at for more infomation.

 Show Specials

  • We love making our customers smile!  Anyone purchasing 5 or more units, use code MKOW15 for an extra 15% off!  Mix and match all your favorite styles, give to family & friends, you'll be the coolest gift-giver around!

    Visit us in Hall 1D, Booth 10 to see myKnockOnWood in action!

    Please use the discount code on our website:

  • For all our amazing distributors out there, love myKnockOnWood?  Ready to partner with us and sell to millions?  Well, we have an ‘NRF Big Show only’ discount for bulk orders.  Save an extra 15% when you purchase at least 500 units of myKnockOnWood!

    Visit us in Hall 1D, Booth 10 for forms, free samples and to learn why myKnockOnWood would be a blockbuster for your company!

  • Ready to partner with myKnockOnWood?  Any retailer looking to bring myKnockOnWood to their market, we’ll give an extra 15% discount on our already reduced partner pricing for your first order of 500 or more units!

    Visit us in Hall 1D, Booth 10 for forms, free samples and to learn why myKnockOnWood would be a blockbuster for your stores!

 Press Releases

  • NEW JERSEY, JANUARY 2023 - Small Business owner and creator of myKnockOnWood says good bye to drab desks around the country with fun, new, real wood desk toy.  Never catch yourself saying "knock on wood" without any real wood to be found!

    WHAT IS MYKNOCKONWOOD? myKnockOnWood was founded 2018 is a patented conveniently sized, real wood toy that comes with 2 dual-lock (think Velcro, but better) fasteners so you can attach and detach as you please! knock or rub anytime you need luck, anxiety or stress relief or relaxation.

    Want to earn a reputation as the best gift giver around? Say hello to the perfect and easiest gift for your friends and family.

    It comes in 12+ beautiful designs that include either color pad prints, etched or plain solid. It is lightweight and small enough to fit directly in the palm of your hand. You can carry it in your pocket or purse as the perfect travel companion or attach it to any surface. It has one of the highest quality fasteners around so you can easily attach, remove, knock or rub from any surface without a hassle. Add luck & decor to all your personal spaces like your office desk, home office, kitchen, car, game room, or just about anywhere else you can think of.

    myKnockOnWood was created to bring immediate luck and stress relief whenever you need it the most. It was also created to bring fun, laughter and positivity to any space. myKnockOnWood was made with finest quality wood and it was crafted professionally from maple trees and carefully finished with a high gloss to deliver a sleek looking charm. It is sourced and manufactured 100% in the USA.

    Use the provided dual-lock fasteners to attach your new charm anywhere your heart desires. The high-quality fasteners were created to ensure a strong stable hold in any position.

    Unbox a world full of smiles! Every awesome box comes packed with luck, love and our commitment that you will love your new authentic good luck toy. The sweet & eye-catching packaging is perfect for gift-giving. Every box comes with simple instructions on how to make the most out of your new toy!

    About myKnockOnWood

    It all started with a random phone to a friend 15 years ago.  We were brainstorming about all the fun ideas we’d love to bring to market and hopefully make an impact. Something that people could interact with every day and make themselves smile, and after a few minutes of thinking, I playfully said something along the lines of “Hey, we could all use some extra luck, can't we? How about a nice piece of real wood you would attach anywhere and just knock on!”

    That was the birth & foundation of MyKnockOnWood. I know what you’re thinking, this sounds funny! That’s because it was meant to be! A nice breath of relief from the seriousness of life, the seemingly dull moments, quickly unpacked with a simple knock to let you know everything is going to be okay.

    Amit Tyagi is the creator of myKnockOnWood, he runs the business alongside with his wife Kajal, and here is a quick message from them:

    "We love to see our customer's satisfaction and needs met in all these areas! As a company, we will always strive to continue to deliver high quality products to the market and with the ultimate aim of more smiles and of course a ton of more luck!"

  • New Jersey, January 2023 - myKnockonWood was recenlty aired on QVC2's live channel on May 2022 in their AAPI  Small Business Spotlight Program.  Founder Amit Tyagi was interviewed on the founding and story behind his business and products. myKnockOnWood was then highlighted and featured on all the Qurate Retail Group's platform;, and