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Founded in 2018,  Arianee is the leading web3 solutions platform for brands. Arianee combines an Association - Arianee Project - gathering major brands and tech companies around its open source protocol & a tech company - Arianee SAS - focused on developing and distributing the most advanced software as a service platform based on the Arianee open source blockchain technology. Based on web3, the range of technological solutions developed by Arianee - from a NFT Management Platform, to wallet solutions and web3 tooling (token gating, nft store) - enable brands to tokenize, distribute and engage NFTs to transform their relationships with their communities. With Arianee they can create enriched NFTs packed with exclusive and unique features. Arianee brings together major brands such as the Richemont Group, L’Oreal, Breitling, Paris Fashion Week, Moncler as well as partners in technology, including IBM and The Sandbox, in its vision to build a decentralized internet.


  • End-to-end web3 solutions for brands
    Our solutions work together. You can start creating not just NFTs but enriched NFTs on the NFT Management Platform, distribute them through the wallet, and leverage our web3 toolings to deliver the most well-rounded web3 experience....

  • Enriched NFT

    Onboard your customers, crypto native or not, to web3 without making them deal with “cryptocurrency” or “gas fees”:

    • Verified Issuers: verify an NFT comes from an authentic brand  

    • Asynchronous Transfer: enable anyone to visualize an NFT, have a wallet generated on the fly, and become the owner of an NFT with a simple link.  

    • Timestamped Events: record important events on blockchain, acting as the one source of truth on the NFT usage 

    • dMessaging: send direct-to-wallet messages and personalized offers

    • Private NFT content: set an NFT as private and allow only the owner to access the content

    Mint: NFT Management Platform

    Bring cross-department members to participate in the process without overloading yourself with blockchain knowledge. We handle the heavy lifting!

    • Create, distribute, and manage NFTs on scale

    • Bring authorized partners in to enrich your NFT's utilities

    • Create time-stamped events and send dMessages

    •  Analyze holders behaviors around your NFTs, with full respect for their data privacy

    Access: Wallet Solutions

    Leverage our wallet solutions to deploy a wallet that effectively caters to your needs. Amazing features including but not limited to: 

    • Connect to web3 ecosystem and access token-gated experiences via Wallet Connect 

    • Transparency, resell, lost & stolen

    • Show or transfer proof of ownership in 2 clicks

    • Import NFTs or export them to an alternative wallet (coming soon)

    • Securely manage their Private Keys however you want: by seed phrase or encrypted files 

    Engage: Web3 tools

    A powerful set of API and modules for brands to build rich web3 experiences.  

    • Create a web3 website packed with cutting-edge features (whitelisting, wallet connect, FIAT/crypto payment, hosted wallet) using Arianee’s APIs. 

    • Open an exclusive communication channel for your NFT holders, with their digital assets acting as their identities