OEM Protector

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OEM Protector - We Make Accessories for mobile devices 

OEM Protector helps businesses to increase their work efficiency by developing high quality carrying and protective accessories for electronic devices. Our smart wearable solutions make your everyday work easier, while keypad & screen protectors help to save your devices from the most common damages.


  • Payment terminals

  • Tablets

  • Mobile computers

  • Barcode scanners

  • Mobile printers

  • Monitors

  • Other mobile devices used in business


  • IMPROVE WORK EFFICIENCY: Work smarter & faster with our wearable accessories. 

  • PROTECT THEIR DEVICES: Protect your electronic devices against scratches and cracks.

  • UPGRADE WORK CONDITIONS: Improve the ergonomy for your customers and employees.



  • Carrying Cases for Mobile Devices
    Attach the device to straps, lanyard or other wearable accessories for an easy carrying. We make high-quality leather and textile cases for various mobile devices: payment terminals, barcode scanners, mobile computers and tablet.s...

  • Increase the work efficiency with our OEM Carrying Cases

    Our carrying cases not only improve any device’s durability but also make your everyday work easier. Thanks to the various configuration options we can offer a solution that perfectly suits your business requirements.

    Perfect fit for your device

    We don't make universal cases. We produce unique cases for each device brand, type and model. This results in perfectly fitted protection for your electronic devices.

    Easy access to device functions

    Our cases provide an easy access to most important features such as inputs or scanners. This means, that you don't have to remove the case to use its buttons, camera or card slot.

    Durable and reliable

    We use precise cutting technology that guarantees high quality finish and durability. Our cases are made of the carefully selected materials that look great and feel right in the hand.

    Configuration options

    Find the best match to your business thanks to four different types of mounting available with our protective cases. You can also pick the material depending on your style preferences.

    Devices that we make cases for

    We’ve designed dedicated textile carrying cases for the most popular devices used in business all over the world such as:

    • Payment Terminals
    • Barcode Scanners
    • Mobile Computers
    • Tablets
    • Mobile Printers

    We can also design a custom made case for any other device.

    So far we have manufactured cases for devices of many popular brands such as:

    • Ingenico
    • Pax
    • Verifone
    • Sunmi
    • Zebra
    • Honeywell
    • Unitech
    • Point Mobile
  • Carrying Holsters
    Just grab your device whenever you need it, and have your hands free in the rest of the time. We make carrying holsters for payment terminals, mobile computers and barcode scanners....

  • Holsters for easy carrying of any mobile devices

    Any device at your fingertips

    Have your electronic devices always at your fingertips. Our holsters make carrying your payment terminal, mobile computer or scanner just easier. Save time, work smarter and protect your equpment at the same time.

    Holsters  are worth it!

    Easy carrying

    Have your hands free whenever you are not using the device. Just slip it into the holster and it will be there when you need it.

    Device protection

    Holsters help to protect your devices from the most common impacts and scratches. Forget about accidental dropping or losing the device.

    Durable and reliable

    Thanks to the high quality materials and advanced production technology our holsters guarantee durability with no compromises.

    Holsters configuration options

    We offer several materials, mounting systems and fastening types. Everything that helps to fit them to your business.

    Pistol-devices compatible

    Unusual device shape is not a problem – it’s a challange. That’s why we have created the U-Type holsters for pistol-shape devices such as barcode scaners with pistol grip. 

    Holster fastening types

    Different work conditions require different approaches. That’s why we offer three types of holsters fastening. You can decide, how you want to access your device.

    Velcro fastening

    Classic type. Strong but easy to fasten or unfasten.

    Magnetic fastening

    Elegant and modern fastening. Thanks to the magnetic elements, it's very easy to lock.

    Open type (no fastening)

    Just slip your device in or out. Recommended for fast work environment.

    Devices that we make holsters for

    We’ve designed holsters for the most popular devices used in business all over the world such as:

    • Payment Terminals
    • Barcode Scanners
    • Mobile Computers

    So far we have manufactured holsters for devices of many popular brands such as:

    • Ingenico
    • Pax
    • Verifone
    • Sunmi
    • Zebra
    • Honeywell
    • Unitech
    • Point Mobile
  • Rubber Protective Cases
    Stop worrying about scratches and greasy stains on your devices. Our custom-made rubber cases help to save your mobile devices from most common damages. Made of high quality rubber....

  • The power of rubber cases

    Thanks to the unique properties of our high-quality rubber, our protective cases offer:

    • High elasticity
    • Grease resistance
    • High abrasion resistance
    • High shear strength
    • Low-temperature performance


    Perfect fit for your mobile device

    We produce unique rubber cases for each device, giving you a perfectly fitted protection. Stop using an universal solutions, that never works fine.

    Easy access to device functions

    Our rubber cases feature laser cutted holes that (for most devices) let you easily charge the device, use its ports, cameras or buttons.

    Rugged corners

    The rugged corners add an extra protection to the device parts most vulnerable to damage. It's just like a car bumper.

    Configuration options

    We can also deliver rubber cases with various wearable solutions for easy carrying.


    Despite its impressive protection, the rubber case is surprisingly light. You will hardly feel the difference in the weight of your device. But on the other hand, you will feel the huge difference in its durability.

  • Stands and Mounts for Payment Terminals
    Our mounting stands provide a comfortable access to the payment terminal for your customers. Thanks to the various heights, design and rotation options, we can offer the solution well suited for any business....

  • What will you achieve with our payment terminal stands?


    Payment terminal stands are a major upgrade to the general appearance of the checkout area. Plus, they can help you with cable managment.


    Our stands make accepting card payments more efficient and faster. Cashier do not have to hold the device and pass it to the customers. That saves a lot of time!


    Payment terminal mounted on the stand is protected against accidental fall and other common damages. It is also a good protection against its theft.

    Our payment terminals stands features:

    Powder paint coating

    Our metal stands are covered with powder paint coating applied electrostatically. This guarantees perfect coating and its durability.

    Elastic rubber rosette

    Elastic rosette on the stand's base is used to cover the screws. Thanks to the satin finish, it also adds an elegant look.

    Cable management

    Hide the terminal's cables directly in the stand. No more cable-mess around the device.

    Black fittings

    All the fittings and screws used in our stands are black. They not only work well, they also look great!

    Movement options

    You can choose one of two rotation method or the basic solution which is a static stand.


    A basic solution for upgrading customer experience. It not only make using the terminal easier, but also protect the device from accidental drop.


    No matter what direction the customer approaches from, with swivel mount the payment terminal will always be in the right position.

    Swivel & Tilt

    Ultimate customer comfort combined with terminal protection. Vertical and horizontal rotation. Any angle, any direction – simple as that.