OneSource Virtual

Coppell,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 5856

OneSource Virtual is a leading provider of Workday Services, Solutions, and Products. Founded in 2008 in Dallas, Texas, we operate in North America and Europe to deliver outcomes that boost productivity, improve compliance, and increase internal capacity for over 1,300 customers around the world. Since our founding, we have been awarded numerous accolades and have a 98% customer retention rate. Our leadership teams are composed of highly experienced professionals in their respective fields. Together they offer the expertise and deep knowledge of the global marketplace to deliver comprehensive solutions and services for HR and Finance & Accounting.


  • myFlexPay Payroll Card & Earned Wage Access
    You already pay your employees, now empower them. myFlexPay integrates seamlessly with your payroll setup to provide employees with early access to their earned pay, anytime, anywhere and without reliance on paper checks....

  • myFlexPay by OneSource Virtual enables employers to provide in-demand, flexible pay solutions that are purpose-built for Workday with no additional investment, administrative strain, or disruption to existing payroll processes and treasury funding.

    • Earned Wage Access let’s employees track their wages, view helpful articles, and access a portion of the money they’ve already earned without waiting for payday. 
    • The Payroll Card enables paperless pay while providing employees with all the benefits and security of a Mastercard debit card.
  • Payroll & Tax Services for Workday Customers
    Stabilize your payroll operations with a team of payroll professionals, multiple service levels to support your needs as your business changes, and proactive support to help you catch & prevent errors....

  • Our experts leverage artificial intelligence and data automation to work within your application. This lowers risk and customer effort, reduces failure points, and provides unmatched transparency. Our comprehensive services include:

    • Managed Payroll (U.S./Can/UK)
    • Payroll Admin (U.S./Can/UK)
    • Fulfillment and disbursement  (U.S./Can/UK)
    • Global Payroll
    • Garnishment Services
    • U.S./Can Payroll
      Tax Administration
    • myFlexPay
      • Payroll Card
      • Earned Wage Access
    • Expense Settlement
    • W2 Printing & Distribution
    • 1095 Printing & Distribution
  • Invoice Pay & Supplier Management
    Benefit from a secure supplier payment solution that reduces financial risks, improves supplier relationships, and optimizes the process to minimize costs and increase working capital....

  • Under this solution, OSV:

    • Assumes all liabilities for payment fraud on card, ACH, and paper check payments
    • Assists with the movement from check to electronic payments
    • Provides suppliers with a range of payment options, plus 24/7 access to an on-demand, self-service supplier portal that delivers enhanced visibility
    • Offers cash rebates to customers on card payments
  • Managed AP Services for Workday Customers
    Fully automate and optimize your entire AP processes from invoice scanning to supplier payments. All in Workday. All with an expert service partner....

  • OneSource Virtual AP Automation for Workday Customers:

    • In-application solution that leverages Workday’s Worktags, process flows and security 
    • Promotes auditable process management, supplies real-time insight and improves visibility into data   
    • Delivers scalability and efficiency underpinned by the as-a-service model   
    • Increased efficiency while reducing costs by over 50%   
    • Provides a single system of record with automated capture, reducing errors and risk   
    • Allows staff to focus on more strategic tasks
  • Workday Employee Services
    Simplify your employer sponsored healthcare strategy in Workday down to the things that matter most to your people– the ability to select the best plan plus access to superior health and wealth solutions and the support they need....

  • We work seamlessly as an extension of your company to extend the highest quality service to your employees while allowing you to focus more on finding the best benefit offerings and less on the tasks involved in administering them in Workday. Our comprehensive service includes:

    • Benefits Administration
      • Employee Help Desk
      • Open Enrollment & ACA
      • Dependent Verification
    • Benefits Administration Premium w/Picwell Decision support
    • COBRA Administration/Direct Billing
    • Benefits Reconciliation
    • Help Desk (stand-alone)
    • Workforce Management w/Equifax
      • VOI/VOE
      • WOTC
      • Unemployment claims admin
    • Workforce Administration
    • myFlexSpend
      • HSA
      • FSA
      • Commuter