OneView Commerce

Hingham,  MA 
United States
  • Booth: 3375

OneView’s unified commerce platform transforms point of sale and store engagement by using our powerful transaction engine to abstract basket creation, calculation and checkout functions from siloed, disparate store and commerce systems. Synthesizing data and transaction execution to the omnichannel ‘moment of action,’ OneView empowers digital reach into stores, reimagines checkout, improves inventory accuracy, optimizes order flow and provides actionable insight into active baskets with every product scan.

The Kroger Company, Australia Post and Molton Brown use OneView’s SaaS and headless store solutions to overcome legacy constraints and unlock store technology from static checkout lanes into the hands of customers and associates for click-to-brick engagement in point of sale, self-service, pickups and delivery. Stop by booth 3375 to see how our 100% cloud-native architecture combines with low-code omnichannel platform development to transform your store experiences by giving you the control to imagine, build and deliver experiences that matter to your customers.

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  • OneView Point of Sale
    Get the powerful, modern SaaS point of sale designed to overcome legacy limitations and silos. Create modern POS engagement to build, curate and maximize shopper satisfaction from click-to-brick....

  • Ready for a modern POS that can be rapidly deployed and suits any checkout interaction?
    Our cloud-native point of sale does just that. You’ll have the power to build digital to store engagement quickly and efficiently. OneView’s SaaS point of sale includes full store operations management covering checkout processes, cash management, promotions, store configuration and associate optimization.

    Omnichannel Integration
    Elevate your checkout experiences further by aligning shopper experiences across the journey.

    Hardware Agnostic
    Protect your investment in legacy hardware and software with our API-first integration framework that allows you to select the device of choice or reuse existing hardware.

    Speed to Market
    Leverage the power of our SaaS application framework to deliver and scale new experiences quickly. Continuous feature updates and modern cloud infrastructure translates into long term investment protection.
  • OneView Unified Commerce Platform
    Our modern cloud, microservices architecture brings composable commerce and control in-store. With ready-to-use SaaS experiences and full support for headless experience development, OneView gives you the power to delight customers — everywhere....

  • Transform Store Engagement 

    OneView gives you control with our commerce anywhere microservices plus the headless power to build the store experiences you need— quickly and efficiently. Use our headless architecture to transform critical store operations including POS, Inventory, Pickups and more, on a cloud-native, API-first unified commerce platform. OneView's unified transaction engine provides:

    • Channel-agnostic transaction processing and management
    • Cart calculations, substitutions, promotions and payment
    • Instant tLog generation

    “Using OneView’s platform, we continue to deliver an innovative associate experience. The solution helps us create a seamless experience through guided processes and simplified training—ultimately reducing our customer wait times.”

    -Sriram Samu, Customer Technology Vice President at Kroger

  • OneView Inventory & Order Management
    Leverage modern cloud API-first inventory with powerful order orchestration capabilities to remain competitive by delivering the unified commerce strategies customers demand....

  • Ready to optimize order fulfillment, supply chain execution, and real-time product status?

    Our inventory management software takes live feeds of transactional data (buys and sells) into its API-first service layer and allows any application to access and update inventory status instantly. OneView’s cloud-native solution makes it easy for store associates to locate, transfer, or ship items to provide exceptional and relevant customer service.

    • Replenish on-demand aligned to your unique rules

    • Pinpoint allocation by customer, channel, use case + more

    • Instantly record holds, buys & sells everywhere

    • Inject speed and accuracy into stock & order management

    “OneView gives us the robust support we need for critical in-store experiences and the full range of touchpoints that allow frictionless digital-to-store interactions.”

    – Molton Brown Ltd

  • OneView Self-Checkout
    A ready-to-use SaaS solution with brandable experiences, OneView Self-Checkout provides highly tailored features that improve the user experience and minimize attendant time in an ultra-lightweight, modern hardware footprint....

  • Powered by Out-of-the-Box, Future-Proof Technology 

    Leverage OneView’s Unified Commerce Transaction Engine to enable a modern, light footprint and flexible self-checkout experience. Gain control over the user experience with OneView’s agile, flexible technology infrastructure that circumvents legacy constraints that currently limit the power and reach of your self-checkout strategy. Furthermore, like all OneView SaaS applications, Self-Checkout speeds innovation delivery in as little as just weeks with: 

    • A ready-to-use, out-of-the-box solution 
    • Easy integration into backend systems 
    • Unified commerce technology that bridges digital and in-store shopping experience 
    • Lower cost of ownership 
    • Elimination of expensive development costs 
    • A building block for layering in other parts of a unified experience 
    • Elimination of silos that fracture the customer experience 

    Robust Solution/User-Friendly, Frictionless Experience 

    Pre-built with brandable experiences, OneView Self-Checkout provides highly tailored features that improve the user experience and minimize attendant time, including: 

    • Navigating with a large screen and intuitive user interface 
    • Support for age-restricted item verification 
    • Managing the checkout workflow 
    • Integrating a loyalty program 
    • Efficient product scanning and lookup 
    • Requesting item void without interrupting checkout process 
    • Requesting assistance 
    • Offering customers the opportunity to apply loyalty rewards, discounts, and coupons 
    • Multiple card payment options with Verifone, Adyen, Aurus and Ingenico 
    • Convertibility from self service to full service cashier mode in seconds 
    • Paper and electronic receipt options 
    • Improve Operations, Optimize Resource Utilization 

    In addition to streamlining the checkout experience by reducing wait times, Self-Checkout lowers operational expenses and helps mitigate retail’s labor shortage. The highly flexible, lightweight footprint allows your store to quickly adjust associate resources in response to traffic by supporting convertible lanes that can switch to cashier operation with a scan of an associate’s badge. Likewise, should a customer request assistance in voiding an item or adjusting a price, a quick scan of an associate’s badge provides access to all approved manager functions. OneView’s comprehensive self-checkout analytics reporting and dashboard provide the retailer with critical KPIs that will identify intervention types, frequency, and average response times. This actionable information can be used to reduce interventions improving the customer experience and the operational workflow of the self-checkout area. 

    OneView’s portfolio of quick-start, ready-to-use SaaS applications and Unified Commerce Platform functions enable stores to put customers at the heart of every business strategy with rapid execution of digital-to-store engagement. In addition to Self-Checkout, learn more about our Point of Sale, Inventory, Order Management, and Pickup and Delivery solutions.