Mountain View,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 602 is building digital analytics for the retail world, helping your organization understand customer behavior inside your physical stores.

By using your untapped pool of data from existing camera infrastructure, provides real-time and scalable AI-powered Spatial Intelligence solutions that drive growth and reduce costs, delivering a +20x ROI. 

Address a variety of retail use cases including:

  • Optimizing store operations by monitoring checkout queues and wait times
  • Measuring true sales conversion rates by understanding entrance and group sizes
  • Understanding the effectiveness of merchandise and displays based on customer traffic and dwell times
  • Reacting with real-time alerts that drive better customer experiences and stronger sales conversion

Value is delivered via a series of dashboards and action recommendations, as well as a number of real-time alerts to guide employee actions. Our simple and cost effective pilots and ongoing pricing structure allows for fast proof of value and easy expansion with success.


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