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Picavi GmbH is an award-winning full-service provider with wearables expertise in Pick-by-Vision solutions. Users wearing smart glasses are given strict and user-friendly “visual guidance” to complete processes in a warehouse, manufacturing or in-store fulfillment setting, allowing workers to maximize their productivity, and minimize errors while working hands-free. Picavi's solution is being used by numerous logistics experts in a variety of sectors around the globe. Customers realize productivity improvements, shorter training times, error reduction and improved ergonomics.

 Press Releases

  • November 2022

    Picavi GmbH puts a management trio in charge: The management of the pick-by-vision specialist is expanded to include Carsten Funke and Ralph Schraven. Together with Ulrich Prinz, who succeeds Jens Harig and is heading the management as CEO, the long-standing executives will continue to drive Picavi’s international growth.

    Carsten Funke has been with Picavi since 2016. As CSO, he is responsible for sales and marketing and has established Picavi on the North American market, leading the Picavi US Inc. as CEO since 2019. Funke has been appointed to the management board together with Ralph Schraven, who has been driving the technical development of Picavi’s products and services as CTO and COO since 2018. Picavi’s new CEO is Ulrich Prinz, a manager with experience in the IT industry. The new management trio intends to further accelerate Picavi’s successful international growth and apply the company’s expertise in new areas. An additional focus will be the the new subscription model “Vision-as-a-Service”, giving users unlimited access to the Pick-by-Vision ecosystem at a fixed monthly price per workstation, as well as maximum flexibility and investment security.

    Numerous large, international companies from a wide range of industries already rely on Picavi Pick-by-Vision. Founded in 2013, Picavi was the first provider with a market-ready pick-by-vision solution in 2015. Today, the company’s reference list includes numerous applications that go far beyond manual picking. In the goods-to-person environment for example, the solution ensures up to 15% higher productivity and a significantly faster return-on-investment compared to conventional put-to-light systems. Additionally, the system can be used for in-store fulfillment processes or in reverse logistics as an intelligent assistance systems for employees.

  • Particularly due to the high number of variants and the often large range of products, humans are still indispensable for order picking in the AutoStore warehouse. In the highly automated overall system, however, they are also a source of errors that should not be underestimated. With its visual guidance and intuitive user interface, Picavi's pick-by-vision solution supports employees at the picking station and thus increases the quality of picking in the AutoStore warehouse.

    AutoStore systems rely on classic goods-to-person picking. The pickers' workstations, known as ports, can be installed anywhere on the sides of the AutoStore warehouse. At the ports, the containers are automatically provided with the correct goods. The picker removes the required quantity, after which the tote is picked up by the robot and placed back into the system.

    In practice, a single AutoStore tote can contain up to 32 compartments with different products. In order to always pick the right goods in the right quantity and to also take over the changes in the inventory on the software side, assistance systems for the employee at the port are indispensable. First use cases show that Picavi Pick-by-Vision proves to be an ideal support here. In contrast to other picking methods, Picavi Pick-by-Vision with its hands-free principle enables a significantly more efficient way of working. When using a hand-held scanner, for example, it has to be put down to handle the goods and then picked up again - a less ergonomic and less efficient process, which is significantly simplified with Picavi Picavi Pick-by-Vision. In addition, the clear visualization via the user interface on the data glasses provides users with security and time savings in the picking process.

    How Pick-by-Vision Completes AutoStore Warehouses

    Pick-by-Vision from Picavi enables intuitive picking in the AutoStore warehouse: The Picavi software receives all the necessary information about the internal structure and contents of the box via the merchandise management system used. The software then visualizes the next picking order for the warehouse employee on the data glasses. The picking process itself is divided into three steps: After the AutoStore system has delivered the correct bin to the workstation, the worker is shown on the data glasses from which bin compartment to pick goods. Then the number of product to be picked is requested via a confirmation unit. Finally, the picker scans the target box into which the picker transfers the product


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  • We offer pick-by-vision smart glasses and individually tailored accessories to create your perfect logistics process across one or multiple shifts. A new feature, Picavi Alerts, will automatically notify managers when a predefined process is triggered in the users workflow, allowing for swift responses to potential processing issues.
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  • The business intelligence solution within the Picavi ecosystem. It integrates mobile device management (MDM) and the comprehensive smart data analytics function. In addition it manages and administers your inventory of smart glasses, and transforms big data into smart data
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  • For users who want to combine agile growth using pick-by-vision with maximum investment security. Our flexible leasing model gives you unlimited access to our entire pick-by-vision ecosystem. You also get personal software support and the full pick-by-vision hardware as a turnkey solution from a single source.