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South Korea
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Founded in 2006, Point Mobile is one of the fastest-growing enterprise device manufacturers in the world. For years, we have designed and built OEM and ODM products before we established our own brand of devices in 2013. We offer a full range of handheld mobile computers, mobile POS devices, healthcare terminals, RFID readers, and portable Bluetooth scanners, as well as business solutions such as the EmKit, which includes a variety of business productivity and management tools.

As opposed to other larger manufacturers, we do everything in-house. From concept and design to manufacturing – every part from top to bottom is created with the aim of absolute ruggedness inside and out. This not only guarantees high product quality but makes implementation simple and fast, suited to industry’s standards.


  • PM75
    PM75 is a mobile computer with a light and ergonomic body with a 5.45" screen while maintaining full rugged features. It survives multiple drops from 1.5 m (5 ft) to concrete and the IP65-rating water and dust resistance test....

  • PM75


    An enterprise device built with and for efficiency

    Fast, powerful, and rugged: PM75 is cut out for these three ideals while maintaining a light and ergonomic body. The Android device provides a powerful scan engine, comfortable grip, long-lasting battery, and seven-long years of update support—all of which are the essential components for building a great and versatile rugged mobile computer.

    Fine-tuned hardware for the best operating system

    Qualcomm‘s 2.0GHz processor runs the device smoothly with the help of 3GB RAM / 32GB ROM (opt. 4GB / 64GB). PM75 comes with two scan engine options (N3601 or N6603) to match your business needs. The Android 11 operating system offers efficient battery management, easy navigation, and the best data security among any existing mobile operating system. Both the hard parts and software are carefully tuned for each other, enabling PM75 to run the latest powerful solutions effortlessly. EmKitTM , Point Mobile‘s unique set of tools for businesses, is pre-installed for easy bulk deployment, management, and increasing productivity.

    Designed for tough handling and low maintenance

    The bright 5.45in HD+ (720 x 1440 pixels) display helps users to see and control PM75‘s interface without difficulty even under the sunlight. The device withstands multiple drops to concrete from 1.5m (5ft) height and has an IP65 water/dust resistance rating, in addition to the protection from scratches by adopting Gorilla Glass: ready to operate in one of the harshest working environments.

  • PM351
    PM351 is a handheld terminal designed for the comfort of workers with its light and slim body. It offers two keypad options and three scanner options....

  • PM351


    Straightforward and comfortable design

    The form factor of PM351 maximizes the comfort of gripping it with one hand so that the several hours of working won't get you tired so much anymore. The 4.0in display with the capacitive touch is bright and daylight readable. Below the screen is the keypad for easier yet more accurate data input, including the big orange scan button and power key: All within comfortable reach with one hand. While it is common to place the camera back in most other devices, PM351's 8MP camera is placed on top of the device next to the scan engine, making the switch from scanning to taking pictures feel more natural.

    Configure the PM351 just as you need it

    PM351 offers 1D and two 1D/2D engine options. The keypad comes in two types: Numeric and Alpha Numeric to choose from. While 3GB RAM/32GB ROM is standard, you can opt for the 4GB/64GB option if you're using a particular solution that consumes lots of memory. in addition, in case your work involves a lot of outdoor tasks such as delivery, PM351 also comes with optional LTE, connecting itself to the network anywhere anytime. 

    Well-rounded performance and durability

    The 2.0GHz octa-core processor runs the Android 11 operating system smoothly, supporting any modern Android solution. The PM351 is one of the few enterprise devices supporting Wi-Fi 6 ready, enabling fast and secure data transfer. 4,800mAh battery gets the device going all day without charging. With the operating temperature ranging from -20°C to 60°C, IP65 water/dust resistance, and 1.5m/5ft-drops-to-concrete durability, PM351 is suitable for any harsh industrial setting.

  • PM451
    PM451 is IP65 tuned and comes with a 2.2GHz Octa-core processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Choose between three keypad options, various scanner engines, and the optional gun handle which makes PM451 the perfect choice for the warehouse....

  • PM451


    Making outdoor tasks easier with LTE connection

    The LTE option lets your employees continue to do their tasks without worrying about losing the network connection. Now being able to make data input/output with seamless connectivity on PM451, your workers can handle all warehouse logistics problems with ease - no matter where they are. Expect a fast and consistent WiFi connection anytime as well through 2x2 MU-MIMO technology.

    Revolutionize the way you capture data

    PM451 is designed to run Android, the operating system of choice when it comes to rugged handheld terminals used in the warehouse. Accompanied by Point Mobile’s unique Enterprise Mobility Kit (EmKitTM), this device provides a fast and seamless user experience, minimizing the time and resources for training your workforce.

    Configure the PM451 just as you need it

    The standard range 1D/2D imager reads all GS1 symbologies as well as poorly printed barcodes. You can opt for the extra long range imager version with a maximum reading distance of 29 meters (when decod- ing 100 MILS C39 RFL symbology). Two LED indicators on each side will instantly give you information about scanning. In addition, as an effort to meet various needs of our customers, PM451 will come with three types of keypad options which are Numeric, Function Numeric and Alpha numeric. Finally, the ergonomically designed optional gun grip will further increase the productivity of your workforce.

    Outstanding durability for rough warehouse tasks

    As a heavy-duty mobile terminal, PM451 is tuned with an IP65 rating and a drop resistance of 2m (MIL-STD 810G). Combined with the ability to survive dramatic temperature changes and many more extreme conditions, PM451 is a device you can always rely on during the hardwork.