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PrehKeyTec | Highly Reliable and Durable Keyboards Meet State of the Art Technologies

PrehKeyTec GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality data entry solutions for professional applications.

Our products give our worldwide customers advantages in terms of reliability and efficiency in the areas of retail & POS, airport & airline, manufacturing & logistics, office & finance, security & identification and healthcare. In addition to keyboards and multifunctional readers, our product range also includes reliable DIN-connectors.

Many decades of know-how in development and production ensure tailor-made solutions in projects with customer-specific requirements.

With our AEO-F (Authorized Economic Operator) certification and our status as a “Known Consignor”, we are able to ship our products quickly and reliably, in compliance with legal requirements, worldwide. PrehKeyTec is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standards. We develop and produce all of our products in Mellrichstadt, Germany.

 Show Specials

  • PrehKeyTec will be showing rugged solutions for kitchens that reduce data input errors with clear haptic feedback, even when wearing gloves. Our bump bar keyboards are water resistant and easily and fast to clean. With their individually color coded and illuminated keys they are easily operated. Discover how you can minimize your downtimes and improve customer satisfaction with our high quality bump bar keyboards Made in Germany at our booth # 6829.

  • HP is combining its flagship all in one point of sale system the HP Engage One Pro with your compact programmable keyboard MCI 30. The keypad is the perfect addition to handle products without a bar code, such as items from produce or bakery sold by the unit. Check-out clerks are faster using the attached keyboard to enter the needed PLU codes. As always, our keypad is available in different configurations and with different customizable keys. It is easily mountable to achieve the perfect combination between the flexibility of an all-in-one system with the reliability and speed of a PrehKeyTec keyboard.


  • Programmable Numeric Keypad | MCI 30
    With the MCI 30 number pad, you can program short cuts, complex applications or macros at the touch of a key, speeding up processes. This makes the programmable numpad one of the bestselling cash register keypads in the retail industry....

  • Unlike a touchscreen, the keypad has very good haptic feedback which guarantees high operating accuracy and reduces errors, especially when entering numerical data at the point of sale.

    With the ease of programming and customization to design the numpad layout individually, the numeric keypad can be used in many applications outside of the point of sale. As an add-on to a laptop / notebook or standard keyboard it makes work more efficient. The keyboard’s ability to be programmed makes your work more intuitive whether you are using standard, industry specific or individual software. Because of its slim design, the external number pad can be placed comfortably at any workspace.

    A custom keypad layout adapted to your needs with tailor-made keyboard labeling, key caps, key color, size and placement ensures the most efficient working. Do you need additional modules for your programmable keypad? Then equip the keypad with a magnetic stripe reader, display, fingerprint reader or RFID module!

  • Compact Keyboard for Cash Registers | MCI 60
    Thanks to its compact layout, the MCI 60 programmable keyboard is perfectly suitable for any cash register application. With 60 keys the POS keyboard easily offers enough space to program typical retail shortcuts and macros....

  • Cash register keyboards need to be both durable and reliable. High-quality keyboards from PrehKeyTec provide above-average service life and extremely low failure rates. These are ensured by the robust construction and the use of high-quality materials during production in Germany.

    Despite its space-saving design, the 60 percent keyboard offers numerous options for customization based on our modular principle. You can choose custom-made or relegendable keycaps in different sizes and colors to create your own keyboard layout. An individually compiled checkout keyboard perfectly adapts to your needs. Therefore it’s easy to use and ensures fast, correct data entry. This saves you valuable time at the point of sale. The programmable keyboard is optionally available with a built-in fingerprint reader, RFID reader, magnetic stripe reader, key lock or a PS2 port.

  • Customizable Cash Register Keyboard | MCI 84
    In retail and hospitality, our programmable POS keyboards ensure that the cash register runs smoothly at all time. 84 keys offer enough room to program macros and shortcuts....

  • You can use the customizable keyboard for complex queries and alphanumeric entries simultaneously, while providing a small footprint.

    But the cash register keyboard offers even more. You can integrate modules such as magnetic card readers, displays, RFID or fingerprint readers directly into the keyboard according to your needs. With PrehKeyTec you can customize your keyboard completely, from individual layouts to specifically labeled key caps in different sizes and colors.

    The programmable keyboard is extremely reliable and durable – outlasting and outperforming most other keyboards. Continuous operations under the highest loads are no problem for our robust data entry solutions. That is one of the reasons that makes the customizable keyboard the market leader. Instead of buying a keyboard that you have to service or even replace regularly, you’re getting a cash register keyboard that will run for years without failure. This leads to exceptional Total Costs of Ownership.

  • Robust, Programmable POS Keyboard | MSI 60
    PrehKeyTec has been and is considered to provide high-quality and long-lasting POS keyboards for decades. Even with heavy daily use at the cash register, the keyboards out preform other data entry solutions with their extremely long service life....

  • Thanks to their robust design, they function reliably at all times, even under the extreme conditions in the checkout area, thus guaranteeing low downtimes and smooth processes. The programmable POS keyboard MSI 60 is dust and splash-proof according to protection class IP54.

    With an individual layout and programmed keys, the keyboard adapts to every point of sale. This helps the user to operate the keyboard efficiently and is creating a very short training period as well. Due to our modular system, integrations such as displays, magnetic card or fingerprint readers can be easily adopted. The robust POS keyboard is available with a USB connection or PS 2 port.

  • Custom Professional Keyboard for Retail | MCI 128
    With 128 programmable keys, the MCI 128 POS keyboard is one of our most versatile solutions. That’s why it is used wherever complex inputs or the combination of an alphanumeric keyboard layout with other intricate functions are required....

  • The programmability allows users to customize the professional keyboard exactly to their needs, to make every day work in retail easier and faster.

    At the point of sale the custom keyboard is therefore used in pharmacies, gas stations, grocery markets and parking garages. Because of its versatility, the POS keyboard is very popular outside of the retail world as well. In towers of German airports, it has been reliably supporting air traffic controllers in their daily work for years. The professional keyboard also ensures that everything runs smoothly in radio stations and for DJs.

    Due to modular extensions, like magnetic card readers, displays, fingerprint readers, smart card readers and more, the possible use cases are almost limitless. A custom keyboard layout, including keyboard labeling, colored keys and different key sizes, ensures intuitive and ergonomic operation.