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Quividi is the pioneer and World’s #1 in AI & Computer-Vision based platforms providing real-time audience measurement & shopper engagement data for Digital Out-of-home (DOOH) & Retail.


DOOH and Retail Media publishers leverage Quividi’s first-party, real-time audience impressions to trade their inventory using traditional and programmatic (pDOOH) channels.

Retailers and Brands use Quividi’s high-fidelity footfall and engagement analytics to optimize conversion at key touch-points along the physical shopper journey. 


Quividi’s platforms are Data Protection by design and support large-scale deployments, analyzing billions of anonymous shoppers monthly across tens of thousands of screens and points of purchase (POP).


  • Quividi Audience Measurement Platform (AMP)
    Quividi AMP relies on advanced face, footfall and vehicle detection AIs to produce real-time first-party audience impressions and engagement analytics for indoor and outdoor Digital Out-Of-Home and Retail Media networks....

  • Quividi AMP is the leading global Audience Measurement Platform using AI and Computer-Vision for DOOH & Retail Media.

    The platform provides high-fidelity audience impressions and segmentation (demographics & engagement) data for your DOOH and Retail Media screens and campaigns. 

    Key benefits;

    - High-fidelity AI detection
    Neural networks-based live detection and segmentation of all vehicles, bodies and faces passing in front of the screen, with 90% accuracy.

    - Campaign-based reports
    Real-time audience impressions at the campaign level, if AMP integrates with the network’s Content Management System (CMS).

    - pDOOH integrations
    IAB-compliant Impressions Multipliers are already accepted by the largest programmatic DOOH Supply Side Platforms (SSP).

    - Designed for scale
    Compatibility with any camera and the vast majority of digital signage players and CPUs. Solution is easy to deploy and administer.

  • Quividi Retail Engagement Platform (REP)
    Quividi REP leverages AI and Computer-Vision to optimize the conversion of merchandising campaigns along the physical shopper journey....

  • Quividi Retail Engagement Platform (REP) leverages AI and Computer-Vision to optimize the conversion of merchandising campaigns along the physical shopper journey.  With REP, Brands and Retailers understand the consumer behavior and conversion funnel of any equipped Point of Purchase (POP), allowing them to optimize shopper engagement and sales.

    Typical POPs where REP is used are End caps (gondola ends), Category Product displays (food, beauty, consumer electronics) and Digital Merchandising Units.

    Key benefits: 

    - Detailed Engagement Funnel
    From walking past the shelf to buying one of the products, the 5 steps that a shopper goes through in the last few seconds of his/her journey are described with high accuracy and available in quasi-real-time.

    - Merchandising Impact Assessment
    The conversion from one step to the next provides rich insights that make it possible to compare and benchmark merchandising campaigns, by POP locations and digital signage content.

    - Ease of Deployment 
    Quividi’s software platform comes pre-installed on hardware proposed by partners, making REP a smooth and easy to deploy plug&play solution. 

    - Screen-based Shopper Engagement
    REP can leverage a video screen installed in a POP  to trigger, in real-time, messages contextualized to the shoppers’ demographics profile & behavior.