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ReBound are experts in product returns management. An industry-leading, full-service partner for brands and retailers looking to optimize their reverse logistics.

With a global network coverage, ReBound manages retail, service and ecommerce returns from consumers and businesses, combining IT and logistics while taking full responsibility of the returns journey. Returns are smartly managed end-to-end, from returns initiation to final redeployment.


  • Omnichannel returns solution
    We have the solutions to help brands and retailers form a unified landscape to tackle all returns, from any consumer and via any commerce channel. Whether your returns come from ecommerce or brick-and-mortar stores, we manage them all....

  • Omnichannel concerns not only the ways in which brands and consumers return their unwanted items, but also the type of return. For example, a customer returning an unworn pair of jeans ordered from a marketplace platform is a very different case than a consumer returning an item bought in physical retail store, or a retailer sending items back to the brand.

    What they do have in common, is that they require a unified solution so that the returns can be handled responsibly and efficiently - while also driving the same great experience across all channels. As such, a delicate balance needs to be found between securing a logistically sound returns solution and one that maintains a good consumer and user experience for all stakeholders involved.

    That’s why Rebound has created a solution that combines IT and logistics products to enable a seamless omnichannel solution for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries. Suitable not only for consumer returns, but also retail and service returns for fashion and electronics retailers.

  • Return Portals
    ReBound aligns all stakeholders in one single platform offering both portals and backend integrations, retrieving and sharing the required data from all related systems....

  • ReBound’s Retail Portal is a B2B product, consisting of a self-service portal where staff at a  brick-and-mortar stores can log in to initiate bulk returns. The portal integrates via APIs and uses internal services to handle all operations needed to serve the end-user. The portal creates a one-stop-shop for retail users to create returns, schedule collections and track returns

    ReBound’s Consumer Portal is a self-service portal where ecommerce consumers can initiate their returns independently and at any time (the portal is accessible 24/7 and it is multilingual), reducing significantly the time customer service would spend on this task and improving customer experience.

  • Sustainable Returns
    We believe that we have a responsibility to decrease the environmental impact of returns and to improve the circulation of all returned products. We achieve a greener network and influence clients to choose sustainably...

  • Our main sustainability goals are:

    Eco-friendly network : Our network is at the heart of what we do. Through the support of our logistics partners, we constantly work on making our entire operations as environmentally friendly as possible. We strive to operate a low-emission network and use recycled or renewable materials where possible.

    Circular Economy - We keep adapting our operations to ensure that we are contributing to the circular economy. We also offer services to our clients which will help them improve the lifecycle of any return which is passing through our network.

  • Analytics
    In today's world of business, data is key. Through use of our analytics products, you can significantly optimize your processes....

  • Analytics is comprised of two main product components, the Monitoring Package and the Analytics Package.  Monitoring Package - This package is a collection of data tools, including reports, dashboards and data feeds which allow for active monitoring of the client's return network. Analytics Package - This is another package containing a set of convenient dashboards which enable self-service analysis by the client. Data is aggregated over different time periods across all levels. This package allows to identify any anomalies, opportunities or risks.

  • Item rework
    This product helps bring returned items back to a re-sellable condition. The intention is to get items back to the shelf as soon as possible, saving clients both time and money....

  • Rework aims to restore maximum value of each item, bringing each product back into a re-sellable condition for the client according to the defined SOP requirements. There is no need for the client to conduct this work in their own warehouses for example, thus, the operational impact caused by returns will be at a minimum for the client. This process saves time, money and effort for the client and items come back to them in an already re-sellable condition. Among others, following activities are available: retagging, refolding, repacking, light cleaning.