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Retail Insight is the only technology solution focused solely on helping retailers and their CPG partners achieve the full potential from every store. We call this 'shelf actualization'.

Our tools dramatically improve sales and profitability, operational efficiency, and productivity. We ruthlessly simplify action through data-driven insight which frees our clients up to serve and sell to their customers.

All of our solutions are enabled by a unique blend of retail expertise, mathematical talent, and engineering skill - this combination ensures that we are established as a partner of choice throughout the retail ecosystem.

As retail faces an unprecedented time of change and challenge, we will help them execute with excellence through the use of our technology.

 Press Releases

  • Since we announced our partnership with Sprouts Farmers Market in July, we recently completed a full rollout across all stores and we were delighted that our solution was called out in their Q3 Investors earnings call, by CEO Jack Sinclair.

    “Recently, we also invested in an on-shelf availability solution that provides a single source of the truth for product availability as seen from the customer's eyes. The combination of these two tools should support incremental sales, improve margins via the reduction of markdowns and shrink, and free up task related labor hours in the store so that our team members can spend more time better serving our customers.” (Jack Sinclair, Sprouts Farmers Market CEO)

    Whilst the pressures of modern grocery retail continue to evolve, the basics remain the same – product availability should be at the forefront of retailers’ priorities. From delivering customer satisfaction, maximizing sales, and enhancing labor productivity, our AvailabilityInsight tool brings this and more to the table in a simple and scalable way.

    We cannot wait to continue the journey with the amazing Sprouts team in the future!

  • Retail Insight expands collaboration with Kroger to support retailer’s commitment to innovation and being in-stock and fresh

    Retail Insight, a leading provider of store-focused retail analytics solutions, has expanded its collaboration with Kroger, America’s largest grocery retailer, featuring more than 2,700 stores and 465,000 associates, to support the grocer’s commitment to being in-stock and fresh both in-store and online.

    Retail Insight’s AvailabilityInsight was first deployed in 2021 in two major Kroger divisions as part of a pilot exercise and will now be launched to stores across the United States. The Retail Insight software will help optimize Kroger’s management of product availability, using artificial intelligence to detect and provide Kroger associates tools to ensure products are more accessible for customers anytime and anywhere – a key differentiator to their shopping experience.

    “We are delighted to partner with Kroger, a market leader in the U.S. that represents an exciting step in Retail Insight's expansion,” says Paul Boyle, CEO at Retail Insight. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with Kroger to elevate their Full, Fresh & Friendly customer promise.”

    "We are continuously looking for ways to innovatively drive positive improvements to enhance our associates’ and customers’ experiences,” said Megan Shaffer, Kroger’s vice president of retail operations. “Our new partnership with Retail Insight will provide the benefit of leveraging real-time data and software to focus on the products that matter most to our customers.”

  • Supermarket chain Asda is redesigning its entire suite of in-store replenishment processes and applications as part of its business transformation strategy and has commissioned the leader in retail execution, Retail Insight, to build the solutions.

    Initially, five applications will be developed to run on store managers' and colleagues’ hand-held devices, enabling them to better manage in-store replenishment more accurately. The five apps will cover Availability Alerts, Stock Picking, Stock Binning, Gap Scanning, and Bin Auditing.

    “The focus of this project is very much on enhancing the colleague replenishment experience with the aim of delighting our customers with outstanding in-store availability," says Amy Ramsden-Young, Senior Technology Delivery Manager for Asda. "The UK supermarket sector is fiercely competitive, so we are using technology to constantly innovate around performance, cost, and customer service. These new solutions will be central to these abilities.”

    "Retail Insight is a long-established Asda partner, says John Paul McNeil, COO at Retail Insight, "so this new contract is a testament to the fact that we know their business well, have a solid track record of delivery, and can provide a platform for further innovation as the company develops its own suite of business solutions.”

    “We’re proud to be partnering with Asda as part of their Future Program journey. Building new in-store applications in collaboration with Asda will not only transform the in-store replenishment process but also look to streamline and make the current processes more effective," says Kieran O’Brien, Client Director at Retail Insight. "We’re keen to get started on introducing the new applications to Asda stores in the coming months.”


  • WasteInsight
    Enables dynamic price reductions on expiring products, reducing wastage and maximizing sales...

  • Waste less with our dynamic markdown optimization software

    A dynamic approach to pricing that drives maximum sell-through on your expiring products.

    Food waste is one of the biggest challenges for retailers. One-third of all food is wasted, primarily due to overstocked shelves and mismanaged supermarket inventory.

    Manual and rudimentary markdown processes cause many product throws and disposals – at significant cost to the retailer. Misidentification of items at risk of being wasted, compliance with price change processes, and dynamic store-based pricing also cause retailers to lose sales on products with days of life left.

    Our dynamic markdown software uses an advanced, data-driven algorithm to analyze a wide range of data points – from product type to seasonality. This allows you to calculate a product’s optimal discount price, which reduces your waste bill by maximizing sell-through and minimizing loss.

    “The solution delivers ongoing benefits as we work closely together to optimize performance” (Customer Interview)

  • AvailabilityInsight
    Provides alerts when products are not available for sale, directing stores to fix tactically and Head Office to fix systemically...

  • Discover when, where, and why stock is unavailable

    Shoppers expect retailers to have fully stocked shelves with every product in the right place. When items are unavailable, hidden, or damaged, the lost sales can be as much as 8% of revenue and cause shoppers to switch their retailer.

    These issues frustrate retailers as much as they do shoppers. No one wants to lose a potential sale. Still, to measure availability, they often rely on manual processes that are costly, labor-intensive, and only reveal gaps rather than root causes of issues. As a result, they have no fast or easy way to get an accurate picture of whether a product is on the shelf and sellable.

    AvailabilityInsight helps you with these challenges. It takes your data and quickly turns it into actionable alerts showing where, when, and why items are unavailable. This enables you to make smarter decisions, minimize out-of-stocks, grow customer satisfaction, and boost sales.

    “The Availability score is one of the top three indicators we use” (Customer Interview)

  • StoreInsight
    Supporting in-store teams by aligning key business metrics and providing insights to improve department-level sales performance according to store processes...

  • Establish a governing metric to improve sales

    Every store is unique and attracts different shoppers at different times. With this comes a range of distinct challenges.

    Any attempt by retailers to explore the drivers of positive and negative sales performance is often misguided because they lack visibility and have no access to data-driven insights.

    StoreInsight takes large and complex data from your stores to identify the issues that have the most significant impact on retail store performance. It then aligns these with simple actions – whether your fresh food availability is underperforming versus expected levels, for example. This enables you to focus on the right things at the right time, establish a governing metric and boost sales.

    “I was sceptical at first but the result has been that they not only met what they said they could do but exceeded that” (Customer Interview)

  • ExecutionInsight
    Enables CPG firms to manage sales and field sales execution to drive compliance, sales, and profitability...

  • Unlock the hidden value in your EPOS data

    Historically, sales teams have suffered from a lack of information. Why are some stores performing better than others? Which stores and which items represent the largest opportunities for intervention? Manufacturers and suppliers have used field sales reps to visit stores to gain necessary insight. However, increasing cost pressures, more dynamic strategies and store access constraints mean a faster and more cost-effective approach is required.

    This is where ExecutionInsight can help. Our retail execution app takes your complex EPOS data and turns it into simple, action-focused insight for your head office, field sales, and agile teams to execute against. It directs users to the largest sales opportunities for brands and items, increasing sales growth and making teams more efficient.

    “User experience is fantastic, they have really taken a leap ahead of the competition” (Customer Interview)

  • NRMInsight
    Provides a full view of a CPG’s trading P&L, modeling all items, investments, and promotions to inform joint business planning...

  • A single source of truth for net revenue management and joint business plans

    In a marketplace becoming increasingly saturated and disrupted by new technology and e-commerce, achieving growth through net revenue management has become a focus for all CPGs. 

    However, trading accounts are larger and more complex than ever, and gaining the visibility of data to support joint business planning is more complicated than ever. This means optimizing revenue is a real challenge, especially if using rudimentary analysis techniques.

    NRMInsight provides a complete view of your trading P&L, modeling all items, investments, and promotions to inform joint business planning and improve your net revenue management. It simplifies the view of your P&L, boosts your collaboration, and enables you to make better commercial decisions – internally and with retail partners.

    “I am a huge fan, it provides massive value. Our sales force and managers use it on a day-to-day basis” (Customer Interview)