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Retail Insights is an Award-Winning Global Omni Channel Technology (Software) Company.

Retail Insights best breed technologies and deep industry expertise to help clients quickly and securely realize the benefits of advanced technology architectures likes of MACH, Edge & AI. We accelerate digital revenues with innovation coming from observability at the point of engagement and provide a seamless omnichannel experience. We use the right mix of working models and technology capabilities to drive your next-generation operating model. 

1. Omnichannel Commerce Implementations & integrations
2. Algorithmic Merchandising platform-led Implementations
3. Connected Data - Conversion Optimization (CRO), Retail Observability and Digital KPI’s Calibration
4. Tech modernization - Modular architecture. Fullstack Software Engineering.
5. Technology accelerators - Catalog automation, Order fulfillment, Point of Service, Trade Allowance, and Contactless Payments 

Certified Implementation Partner with Salesforce Commerce, Magento (Adobe), Blueyonder, Shopify, Intel Edge, Fluent Commerce,    and Kantar Trade Promotion.

 Show Specials

  • (Nov 18, 2022)

    “Walk Out" intelligent cashier-less and Store Analytics

  • (Nov 18, 2022)

    Data from All channel — online and offline - Connected Data, AI driven Insights, B2C and B2B marketing and advertising integrations.

  • The Future of Digital Experience is Composable  

    Headless technology has significantly impacted the customer experience, but it has a limited influence on the organization when implemented as a one-off project. Composable commerce enables businesses to be agile, speedy, and reliable at the infrastructure level.  

    In the long run, Composable commerce saves money through process optimization and flexibility by requiring more preparation upfront. Composable is the future digital experience because it allows you to manage the actual value of decoupled systems and develop best-in-class solutions for your company. 

 Press Releases

  • Retail Insights supercharges its dynamic eCommerce solutions through Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), providing our clients with the tools and expertise they need to meet unprecedented challenges in the global marketplace.

    With more than 5+ years of Salesforce Commerce Cloud experience, with certified architects and engineers we launched more than 15 SFCC sites in India and globally. Retail Insights is a leading implementation partner for Salesforce Commerce with the likes of vinculum, Quiksilver, Razorpay, and other market automation tools for a 360-degree view and a single view of orders.


    One of the leading footwear company approached us to expand & improve their business:

    The company’s automated marketing service could not create geographically targeted content that would attract, convert, and nurture lifelong value from its customers. We devised a holistic plan to create a stable tech foundation for its ecommerce business which resulted in:


    2x pre-tax earnings increase

    69% faster site load time

    50% mobile conversion improvement

    Image load time on mobile devices has been slashed to less than two seconds


    Our implementation and continued optimization of the sites is allowing the company to control its brand story, with the company connecting with consumers by literally and figuratively speaking their language.

  • Retail Insights, Blue Yonder & Space Planning. Together, we’re an unbeatable combination.


    A company’s competitive advantage rests on its ability to deliver innovative and hyper-personalized products, services and experiences. Together, we deliver transformation and help clients achieve their customer-centric supply chain vision by implementing Blue Yonder solutions spanning four dimensions - Planning, Logistics, Commerce, and Platform.


    Achieving breakthrough results:

    40% increase in service levels

    Up to 50% reduction in warehouse and labor costs

    Up to 30% reduced out-of-stock rate

    Up to 60% planning efficiency improvement

    5% gains in ecommerce revenues


    Blue Yonder’s solutions, paired with our analytics, digital innovation, and other best practices and tools, provide an end-to-end supply chain solution that helps organizations boost forecast accuracy, inventory turns, planner and warehouse labor efficiency, and space utilization, while simultaneously delivering big reductions in fulfillment costs.

  • Our client is a Consumer-Packaged Goods manufacturer in the Pet Foods Category. The client has a strategic partnership with Retail Insights for sales, supply chain, and marketing analytics. 


    The client engaged us to develop a trade promotion optimization solution with the below objectives

    Map trade promotions spending data to sales and analyze responses to CPG funded trade promotions run in retailer’s stores

    Identify trading-up/down cannibalizations within-box as well as cross-box

    Estimate the net impact of promotions on consumption volume & value

    Develop a tool for future scenario planning to estimate lift vs cannibalization

    Develop an optimization tool to recommend promotional events for PPG items across retail categories



    Lead times in identifying & procuring necessary data from external partners

    Linking data from trade promotions planning system to sales (PoS & Syndicated)


    Business Impact:

    Estimated 10% increase in sales and 6% improvement on ROI 

    Established a reliable and robust model-driven methodology for performing trade impact analysis

    Enabled account managers with insights to plan promotions that will have minimal cannibalizations, hence higher true lift

  • Our customizable composable and headless commerce solutions let you tailor your digital experience to fit your specific business needs and objectives, resulting in a highly adaptable, scalable, and manageable platform designed to drive and support long-term growth.


    Retail Insights uses MACH Architecture to:

    Improved speed with less risk 

    Execute a best-of-breed strategy

    Say goodbye to upgrades

    Seamless customizations and innovation


    The MACH approach enables businesses to become more proactive and agile in their digital strategies while rendering superior CX to their customers.


    We combine best-of-breed MACH software, modernizing your enterprise digital commerce landscape with an innovative architecture that maximizes your investment, speeds time to market, and improves consumer engagement.

  • Customer experience is one of the most critical concerns for any organization—but also one of the most challenging for companies to perform concrete improvements. When they better understand the customer experience, businesses can define a clear, actionable roadmap to optimize the customer journey. In turn, this will pay dividends in terms of greater employee productivity, lower costs, and higher profits.


    Our client Aspiring to deliver a frictionless, more-personalized online customer journey and streamline work processes approached us to gear up for ecommerce evolution.


    Results after partnering with us:

    40% Reduction In Bounce Rate

    4% Increase In Average Session Duration

    13% Reduction In Cart Abandonment Rate

    88% Reduction In Checkout Abandonment Rate


  • Omni Channel Commerce Implementation
    Retail Insights understands that Omnichannel Commerce has become an integral part of everyday life driven by the convenience of getting products delivered to your doorstep.


  • With 90+ successful implementations, our team will help you select, design and deploy the platform that continuously meets your customer needs and business objectives. We are accomplished and certified implementations partners in Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware), and Shopify, implementations.


    Salesforce Commerce Cloud:


    Retail Insights supercharges brands to deliver leading-edge Omnicahnnel features viz. Single View of Inventory, Customer 360, Personalisation. 


    Our SFCC competence center implemented customized Salesforce solutions:

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    Salesforce Service Cloud

    GTM Datalayer


    CMD/Page designer


    Our highlights - 40+ SFCC (Demandware) projects delivered, 5+ years in SFCC development

    SFRA expertise, and Headless Kit. 


    Latest Works - We recommended establishing a new robust headless reference application (or RefApp) to give each brand more creative and business flexibility that results from a shared back-end architecture. 


    The RefApp, composed of one global codebase that provides more autonomy to regional developers, would serve as a Brands platform, with Salesforce Commerce Cloud as the pure back-end system and eCommerce engine. MuleSoft (an API-driven systems architecture providing a gateway layer)


    Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento


    Retail Insights has worked with Magento for years—from its pre-beta stages to the Magento 2 platform—we know Magento inside out. We merge our decades of commerce expertise, strategic business acumen, and platform knowledge to deliver a composable commerce setup with Magento Cloud providing a user-friendly, flexible, and scalable multi-store commerce platform. 


    Progressive Web App (PWA) with graph QL and react frontend 

    Adobe Commerce Cloud Project 

    Headless & Microservices


    Customer Validation with ERP system Brilliant

    Marketing automation functionalities


    Our highlights - 20+ Adobe Commerce Projects Delivered, 10+ years in Adobe Commerce Development, Magento 2 and Commerce Cloud Expertise,


    Latest Works - A powerful B2B2C Magento 2 webshop with an elegant design, customers can completely configure personalized products online. Our competence PHPro provided a new website made in a PWA on the Magento 2 platform and made all data available at the back-end level with the development of a react frontend. 




    Retail Insights has close relationships with best-of-breed technology partners that offer products that complement and extend the functionality of the commerce platform. We thoughtfully coordinate and connect the functionality of individual solutions for an integrated and cohesive customer experience. We integrate modern technologies and eCommerce platforms including ERP, PIM, CRM, and PSP for easy transition and operation. 


    WMS: Warehouse Management System Integrations

    POS: Point Of Sale System Integrations

    OMS: Order Management System Integrations

    CRM: Customer Relationship Management Integrations

    EPR: Enterprise Resource Planning Integrations

    Marketing Automation Integrations

    Payment Instrument Integrations

    Shipping Integrations

    Artificial Intelligence Integrations

    Site Search Integrations

    Personalization Integrations

    Fraud Prevention Integrations

    Application and Infrastructure Monitoring and Automation

    SFCC Splunk Connector

    Analytics Integrations


    Omnichannel Commerce Implementation (Salesforce, Adobe, and Integrations) Services:


    Consultancy, Business Analysis, Omni-Channel Development, Advanced merchandising capabilities, Automatic upgrades and functionality improvements, Multi-site implementation, and localization, Rapid expansion into new markets, Introduction of new brands and product lines, Support, Audits, Ecosystem Monitoring, and AI, Analytics, B2C, B2B, 24/7 Services

  • Omni Channel Experience Manager
    Retail Insights technology platform fits every retail business because it’s fully configurable. Expert teams with deep domain expertise infuse best practices to deliver a seamless experience for your customers from day one....

  • 1. Sell on global marketplaces - Automatic product listing, single view of real-time inventory, single dashboard, hassle-free accounting & more

    2. Inventory & Order Management - Seamlessly integrate warehouse & fulfillment processes with sales channels.

    3. Automated Catalog Listing - Automatically list products across multiple marketplaces.

    4. Managed Site Operations - Product feed monitoring on each managed marketplace

    Troubleshooting, and error resolution. Fine-tune your selling strategies on hundreds of marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Zalando, and more

    5. Customer Journey mapping - Tracking users across channels, browsers and devices holistically


    We have been the industry’s most trusted Omnichannel technology partner, helping global brands and retailers solve their E-commerce, marketplaces, digital marketing, store fulfillment, direct-to-consumer, first-party retail, drop-ship, and fulfillment needs — all in a single, centralized platform.

  • Algorithmic Merchandising
    Algorithmic merchandising leads the way

  • Retail Insights enables algorithmic merchandising with automated insights and machine-driven business recommendations combining the art of merchandising impactful business decisions in your space, promotions, markdown, and assortment planning.


    Promotional planning and execution with our cross-functional, AI-driven solution. Evaluate past campaigns, plan new promotions, forecast impact, and make adjustments to meet your objectives, all within one collaborative tool.


    Maximize profitability with Agile Merchandising, take advantage of shopper-focused, store-specific assortments that drive sales and improve margins while also reducing supply chain costs.


    Space Planning - Our AI-powered category planning and shelf intelligence in combination with macro space from store to floor. Maximize the selling potential of every square foot while minimizing planners’ manual effort through automated, locally optimized space plans


    Retail Insights is an accredited Blue Yonder partner for the implementation of existing and future Blue Yonder Luminate Commerce Solutions with Composable Architecture - Demand Planning + Order Management + Allocation + Merchandising (Floor Planning and Planogram Generators)


    Our highlights - 5+ BY Space Planning Projects Delivered, 3+ years Blueyonder, Integration and Merchandise Compliance Mobile Application..


    Latest Works -  Implemented automated planograms, floor planning, and assortment optimization helped in reduced time in planogram building, Seamless publishing to stores, Store Compliance,  Minimized Overstock/Understock 0 Right product, right place at the right time

  • Connected Data
    Retail Insights provides strategic retention analytics alongside analytics software and data warehousing solutions, including TRI real-time Monitoring dashboards and indicators....

  • We help right from analytics tools selection, configuration, and data-driven implementations. We are accomplished in Conversion Optimization, Retail Observability, and Digital KPI’s Calibration.

    Conversion Optimization (CRO) - analyze and optimize, excelling the customer’s relationship with the brand, and transcending business goals.


    Retail Observability - Digital and physical stores with decentralized commerce systems, AI monitoring solutions for a holistic view, improved data strategy, and KPIs for overall profitability increase.


    Digital KPIs Calibration - performance metrics that measure specific goals for businesses viz. Merchandising, Supply Chain, Market Places


    Our highlights - 10+ years experience, 100+ executed eCommerce projects, 24/7 Monitoring


    Platform expertise - Google Cloud, Azure Data factory, and Amazon Redshift


    Data Services - Data Ingestion, ETL, Warehouse, Stream Computing and ML, Scalability and Reduced Latencies, Data Governance and Accuracy.


    Data Landscape -  Commerce Data, Clickstream Data (Customer

    Engagement), POS, ERP, Product Data, Social Media, Erp/Marketplaces


    Latest works

    Alerting system in place identified a high number of failing orders due to not clear messaging to the customers. launched improved checkout and checkout messaging for immediate results. Automated reporting reflection of commerce performance, reports embody the overall KPIs and provide the means to effectively make business decisions

  • Edge computing for Omnichannel
    Unlock the potential of omnichannel retailing...

  • Retail Insights Powering retail Experiences with Edge Computing to unlock the real-time interactions and split-second automation that will be at the heart of future in-store shopping experiences.


    Utilizing world-leading AI and Edge technologies, near-instantaneous response times, to process large amounts of data, and to keep customer details secure helps retailers in turning the traditional “Brick and Mortar” stores into highly digitized,  “walk-out" intelligent cashier-less smart stores, smarter shelves, and way finders.


    Digital Receipt - Dynamic line items, easy returns, gift receipts, personalized content, multi-lingual, multi-currency, customer feedback, loyalty balance, web links

    Wayfinders - Product explorer, in-store way finder to find the shortest distance to locate a product will help explore products in-store


    Endless Aisles - Browse through the entire product catalog than not just what is displayed in-store and place order in-store, walk out" intelligent cashier-less  - customer in-store shopping experience be flawless, fast, and convenient - Autonomous checkout, Smart cabinets and Security


    Retail Insights utilizes Intel Edge platform capabilities in implementing a combination of computer vision, sensor fusion, and machine learning. Right from frictionless shopping to digitizing the store operations


    Our highlights - 20+ years retail experience, 100+ executed digital projects, 24/7 Monitoring


    Latest Works - Retail Insights enabled mobile engineering connected with edge tech launched with Endless Aisle Capability, which `allows to lookup – Sizes, Inventory, Purchase History, In-Store – Rewards Info, Stock, and Pricing with smarter checkout.