Retail Reworks

Houston,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 355

Retail Reworks are the pioneers in reverse logistics providing end-to-end solutions for returns processing, resale, recycling, and much more!  We make brands fully sustainable through our plethora of Next Life options to keep returns out of the landfill which is a major issue in the fashion industry as well as many others.

Software companies are making a living off of brands and retailers and delivering very little value if any at all.  Enter Retail Reworks R4 software which determines the best route for the return on an individual SKU basis.  One SKU can quickly be sent to a recycling center or donation center if the brand has already lost money on the return.  There is no sense in further losing money here!  R4 routes all the returns that financially make sense to rework and repackage to the Retail Reworks facility where all the magic happens!  Inspections, Cleaning, Odor Removal, Stain Removal, Sewing Repairs & Alterations, Pressing, Folding, Tagging, Bagging, and so much more!  Customized solutions for your brand's returns!

We make three parties happy- the brand, their customers, and our planet.