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With RSLT, you can precisely measure online engagement and ROI from each of your TV, radio, and podcast commercials.

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What sets us apart?

We use machine learning and first-party data to forecast advertising fatigue, measure how many online conversions are triggered by each TV and radio commercial, and help media buyers and marketers optimize their advertising strategy at the most granular level.

RSLT clients include both established and up-and-coming enterprises and media buying agencies.

Most frequent questions:

Q: "We don't want to put a pixel on the website; can you still accurately assess the impact of TV & radio commercials?"
      A: Not a problem, we do not use pixels.

Q: “Can you tell us when it's time to switch our ad creatives before it's too late?"
       A: Yes, we predict when your commercials will no longer drive engagement.

Q: “Are you reasonably priced?"
      A: Yes, come to visit us at booth #744 at the Startup Zone.

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 Press Releases

  • RSLT & TVIQ announce their first CTV media measurement collaboration


    Contact: Shira Witelson,, ‪+1 (315) 992-7801‬


    RSLT’s ad fatigue forecasting platform that determines a TV ad’s efficacy—without the use of  pixels or trackers—is now available to TVIQ’s customers


    NEW YORK, NY January 10, 2023 TVIQ, LLC, a leading Connected TV (CTV) streaming media consulting firm, and RSLT, LLC, an independent TV attribution and measurement platform for linear and streaming, have kicked off a collaboration that helps both companies' clients, primarily media buying agencies and e-commerce companies, to achieve better ad performance in the CTV space.  

    Transparency and attribution are essential for CTV media buyers to ensure that their campaigns are effective, efficient, and measured in ways that respect and safeguard their viewers’ privacy. Both TVIQ and RSLT are dedicated to offering affordable measurement solutions that protect  viewers’ privacy. 

    TVIQ is used by media buyers to efficiently and effectively implement data-driven CTV advertising campaigns. TVIQ clients can now select the RSLT platform to track the impact of their TV advertising campaigns and forecast when individual advertisements will cease to generate online engagements and conversions. RSLT’s platform is the only TV attribution solution that can deliver granular insight without the use of pixels or trackers, instead it relies solely on first-party data and machine learning.

    "TVIQ works with marketers, agencies, and broadcasters to improve their CTV business campaign performance. We place a strong emphasis on producing quantifiable results, so it is imperative that we use a best-in-class measurement platform that is both really privacy-safe and affordable for advertisers." said Scott Ryan, TVIQ's CEO. "Having RSLT's attribution platform available to our clients means that they can now acquire the transparency they need to enhance their campaign performance and get the campaign results they deserve."

    Shira Witelson, RSLT's CEO and founder, echoed those sentiments. "RSLT was created to democratize TV advertising efficiency measurements while protecting consumers' privacy. Our mission is to help media buyers and marketers optimize their advertising strategies at the most granular level possible using only machine learning and first-party data. We help media buyers forecast exactly when an ad's creative will become ineffective. With this knowledge, buyers can adjust media investments to ensure an always-optimized campaign. Working with a forward-thinking group like TVIQ that focuses on maximizing the impact of every ad dollar is a perfect fit.”


    About TVIQ

    TVIQ is a CTV media consultancy founded in 2021. Its mission is to provide services and solutions that help its clients unlock their full potential. With a presence in New York, Milan, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, TVIQ has a global reach and is dedicated to delivering meaningful and measurable CTV growth to its clients. Visit                        


    About RSLT

    RSLT has created a TV, radio, and podcast attribution solution that provides safe, superior insights into an advertising campaign’s success. RSLT's technology measures online engagement and conversions generated by commercials via machine learning and first-party data. Our solution's exclusive algorithm forecasts ad fatigue at an exceptionally granular level, ensuring that advertising campaigns are always optimized. Visit


    For more information, contact: 

    TVIQ: Scott Ryan, CEO - 

    TVIQ Phone: +1 (347) 813-1951


    RSLT: Shira Witelson, CEO - 

    RSLT Phone: +1 (315) 992-7801


    RSLT is certified as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).


    The ONLY ad effectiveness measurement solution that uses machine learning and first-party data to predict ad fatigue and optimize TV and radio ad campaigns...

  • RSLT TV is an advanced analytics platform that provides same day, granular-level insights on the effectiveness of your TV, OTT and Linear ads, without using 3rd party data or trackers. Make the most out of your budget by understanding how your target audience is engaging with your ads. Quickly measure ad frequency to accurately predict ad fatigue and saturation before they impact your results.

    Uncover the true effectiveness of your TV ads:

    Metrics that matter

    Attribution – Discover the optimal mix of channels, dayparts, genres, days and creatives that spur your target audience to engage with your ads. 

    Find your sweet spot 

    predict ad fatigue - Make the most of your ad creative by discovering when they will achieve maximum impact. 


    Leverage advanced AI and machine learning that uses only your proprietary, 1st party data to benefit from data collection that doesn’t infringe on privacy.

    Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) evaluates your marketing strategy by analysing individual campaign components and non-marketing variables to provide recommendations and forecasts to increase ROI.

  • RSLT MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling) will help you analyze, interpret and plan your campaigns, so that you can get more for your money, wherever you’re spending it. Increase ROI by uncovering which channels play the largest role in getting users to convert offline and online. Our MMM solution will help you evaluate your strategy to determine the effectiveness of individual components, including non-marketing variables from the RSLT Stack, while ultimately providing recommendations and forecasts to increase revenue and sales.know where to invest your budget, while taking into account ad availability and spend limitations.
    Determine if your podcast ads actually aired, assess podcast
    ad efficiency, and track podcast ad fatigue.

  • Always-on podcast ad measurement solution that respects your clients’ privacy while evaluating the success of your podcast marketing campaign. There’s no need to invest in additional expensive measurement solutions to acquire insights from your podcast advertising. Additionally,  RSLT Podcast does not employ any tracking methods or third-party platforms that participate in risky privacy practices that may infringe on personal privacy.


    If and when the baked-in or programmatic podcast advertising actually aired (air check) to help uncover money waste.


    Determine the success of ad podcasts in meeting customers where and when they listen – which advertisements brought traffic to the brand’s website and persuaded podcast listeners to take the next step, such as filling out a form or completing a purchase.

    Keep track

    Of podcast ad fatigue to determine whether it’s time to reinvest rather than burn advertising dollars.