Scandit Inc.

Boston,  MA 
United States
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Scandit is the leader in smart data capture giving superpowers to workers, customers and businesses by providing actionable insights and automating end-to-end processes. Our Smart Data Capture platform enables smart devices, such as smartphones, drones, digital eyewear and robots to interact with physical items by capturing data from barcodes, text, IDs and objects with unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence. 

Scandit accurately scans up to 3x faster than dedicated scanners in challenging light or at angles, on damaged labels, across multiple codes on any smart device. We enable innovation that delivers significant cost savings, increases employee retention and customer loyalty. Scandit partners with customers at every step with trials, solution design, integration and customer success support included. 

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  • MatrixScan
    MatrixScan is a Scandit Smart Enabler that innovates scanning. It locates, tracks and decodes multiple barcodes, adding visual feedback to indicate which ones have been scanned.

  • Speed, Simplicity and Reduced Human Error with MatrixScan:

    - Stock Counts

    Hover the device over several packages to track and capture stock counts.

    -Shipping & Receiving

    Capture shipments made up of several items in one scan.

    - Multi-Code Labels

    Capture several barcodes close together on one label.

  • Barcode Scanner SDK
    The Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK transforms smartphones, tablets and wearable devices into enterprise-grade barcode scanners for consumers and employees....

  • Our software-based barcode scanner leverages the computing power of mobile devices to provide the highest barcode scanning speed and accuracy in the industry.

    Product Features:

    -Locate, track and decode multiple barcodes with added visual feedback in new MatrixScan feature Point-to-Scan Functionality

    -Unmatched barcode scanning speed and accuracy

    -Add text recognition to mobile data capture workflows with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    -Operates on 4,000+ smartphones, tablets and wearable devices

    -Support for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and other operating systems

    -Scan any barcode symbology including 1D, 2D and Composite Codes

    -Scan barcodes in any condition – damaged, worn, torn or blurry

    Compatible with every major mobile application framework

  • Shelfview
    A smart data capture and analytics solution for retail shelf management....

  • ShelfView is a smart data capture and analytics platform that hands superpowers to your store and staff. It enables constant shelf visibility and empowers more intelligent and efficient store operations. Our solution monitors store shelves through either mobile devices or autonomous floor scrubbers. Retailers can scale ShelfView without adding additional infrastructure to create a cost efficient, accurate shelf management solution.

  • Text Recognition (OCR)
    Our Smart Data Capture platform can turn any smart device into a powerful OCR scanner. Read any alphanumeric code – any text size, font or color – including IBANs, automotive VINs plus LOT and REF numbers.

  • OCR software is typically used to verify retail prices, check passports, validate IDs and check expiration dates. Scandit Smart Data Capture can deliver simultaneous barcode and text scanning on a smart device, for example, to read an address on a package if the barcode is damaged.

    In any retail supply chain, labels on packaging can get damaged in transit. OCR software can read accompanying text instead of barcodes to prevent costly delays in delivery and tracking. Scandit Smart Data Capture reads multiple lines of text on many labels in a single scan. With OCR, you can also check the ID throughout the supply chain or for customers making collections.

  • Augmented Reality Overlay
    Combine mobile barcode scanning, text recognition and augmented reality (AR) using our Smart Data Capture platform to turn smart devices into powerful data capture and visual display tools.


  • An Augmented reality overlay adds digital information to the image of a physical object on the device screen by scanning a barcode or text and displaying the real-time data. This enables retail workers to see stock levels by scanning products in a store aisle, airline staff can view passenger details from a boarding pass scan, and delivery drivers see special instructions just by scanning a package.

    Scandit MatrixScan captures one or multiple barcodes in a single sequence and adds information to the device screen as an AR-overlay. These are some of the most common ways this powerful Smart Enabler is used:

    - Search & Find

    Hover the device over many packages to highlight the correct one.

    - Sorting & Loading

    View details for optimum loading order in deliveries.

    - Shelf Management

    See stock levels, delivery dates, price validation, and expiry dates.