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Setlog provides end-to-end supply chain software solutions that make your supply chain more digital, secure and sustainable. Through our OSCA software, we enable you to connect all your supply chain partners, manage activities and workflows collaboratively, and easily integrate your existing IT landscape.

“OSCA” stands for “Online Supply Chain Accelerator” or as some of our customers say: "One Solution Covers All". As such, the system offers a transparent map of all your processes and enables you to digitally manage your supply chain on a central platform. Automation and early warnings help to identify problems and find solutions easily. Effectiveness and quality go hand in hand.

Setlog is your long-term partner. We offer high competences in global logistics, sourcing and ESG and know that a lack of transparency, data silos and different data structures may still be major challenges. Our mission is to work with you to resolve these challenges.

Today, more than 150 brands worldwide benefit from our expertise and the many advantages of a transparent, digital supply chain –  achieving sustainable cost advantages and competitive supply chain processes.

 Press Releases

  • Opinion piece Niklas Kirwel, President & CEO Setlog Corp.

    Niklas Kirwel, President & CEO of Setlog Corp. since 01.07.2021. For more than 15 years, he has been an expert in project and product management as well as in consulting and sales of technology projects in the consumer goods and apparel industry.

  • Survival lessons for logistics and supply chain professionals

    Commentary by Simone Ross, Chief Operating Officer of Setlog Corporation

  • The generation between the ages of 15 and 25 will sooner or later change the world of fast fashion.

    • IT tool brings even deeper transparency into the supply chain.
    • Third-party applications can be connected more easily.
    • Software serves as a tool to implement and adhere to the new supply chain due diligence law.

  • (Oct 13, 2022)

    ESG Checklist 2022
    Do you know your supply chain partners? 
    It's no surprise that ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is becoming increasingly important to companies. 
    Customer expectations, human rights, and supply chain sustainability laws require detailed supply chain visibility now more than ever. The question is how to successfully implement an ESG framework. Review our ESG checklist and future-proof your business.


    OSCA Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) tracks all aspects of supplier management in one solution, enabling a workflow-based onboarding and approval process to transparently represent all business relationships within your supply chain....

  • With OSCA SRM, you can share your policies, general instructions and supplier manuals with your partners and have their compliance confirmed in an audit-proof manner. Automated surveys provide you with regular evaluations and reports that support your purchasing team in answering strategic and operational questions. 

    Your Benefits

    • Tier level management and overview of vertical supplier structure, beyond ERP-system capabilities
    • Planning and control of compliance with general instructions, requirements and supplier manuals enables proactivity
    • Always up-to-date supplier base through workflow-based and interface-supported onboarding.
    With our solution OSCA CSR, you can comprehensively manage all areas of social compliance, both strategically and operationally....

  • In OSCA CSR you will find all your audit documents, the audit status, as well as follow-up workflows for findings and their corrective actions. You can share policies and Codes of Conduct directly with your partners through a workflow-based onboarding process and have their audit-proof compliance confirmed easily. Keep track of your CSR measures and use the option for regular reporting and evaluations through automated, individually created questionnaires.


    • Comprehensive risk management across all stages of your supply chain through a comprehensive assessment and monitoring system
    • A transparent overview of all certificates, audits and corrective actions of the supply chain partners
    • Due diligence obligations and the company’s own Code of Conduct are managed centrally and enable proactive action to be taken
    • Manage all procurement-relevant documents and distribute them to your partners automatically
    • Protection from lasting reputational damage and monetary compliance penalties

  • OSCA Global Logistics
    The OSCA Global Logistics solution maps all logistics processes within your supply chain and enables you to manage shipments in all operational areas....

  • See all related processes for packing, freight booking, ASN and creation of customs-relevant documents as well as detailed delivery planning to the warehouse. With OSCA Global Logistics, you get a portal connecting all partners involved in your logistics processes – either directly or via API. This way, communication takes place quickly and efficiently. In combination with our OSCA Procurement solution, you achieve complete end-to-end visibility of your supply chain.

    Your Benefits

    • All activities within logistics can be controlled collaboratively and centrally
    • All contents of your deliveries, transport units and packaging units at SKU level are displayed
    • Consolidation of transport units
    • Real-time tracking of containers and deliveries
    • All relevant documents can be managed transparently
    • Automated creation of relevant documents and data as well as invoice verification
  • OSCA Procurement
    The OSCA Procurement solution operationally manages all areas of sourcing and procurement processes and provides you with complete transparency. Streamline your buying with workflow-based processes for developing products and purchase order management....

  • Not only can purchase orders be reconciled and released at multiple levels in the system, but delivery schedules and partial deliveries can be both created and coordinated here. OSCA Procurement enables you to perform lead-time supported process tracking of production steps as well as work-in-progress monitoring. In addition, the object-based message function allows you to communicate easily and quickly in the system and keep track of everything related to your purchase orders.

    Your benefits

    • Early involvement of production partners in product development steps
    • Quick feedback on order confirmation and early planning of deliveries
    • History of all changes, such as deadline shifts and subsets, including associated communication and documents
    • Holistic optimization and acceleration of the procurement process through close integration of purchase orders, production steps and delivery planning
    OSCA is our supply chain management software specialized in inbound logistics. “OSCA” stands for “Online Supply Chain Accelerator” or as some of our customers like to say: "One Solution Covers All"...

  • OSCA SCM offers a transparent map of all your processes and enables you to digitally manage your supply chain on a central platform. OSCA not only helps you keep track of everything by displaying all the information and data in your value chain, but also shows all changes, issues, and updates in real time, so you can actively plan and respond. By connecting all your supply chain partners, communication and information exchange flow through a unified platform. As a result, you can find your documents, agreements and contacts exactly where you need them.

    Your benefits

    •            Consolidated data – up-to-date and in real time

    •            Reduction and digitization of manual work

    •            Seamless monitoring through connection of all supply chain partners

    •            Better planning capability for all supply chain processes and reduction of process costs

    •            Early warning system for proactive measures and faster reactions

    •            More accurate adherence to schedules

    •            Reduction and control of transport costs and delivery time