Axsium Group

Toronto,  ON 
  • Booth: 1525

Axsium is the Workforce Management partner of choice for organizations that want to realize the potential of their workforce. We maximize the impact of your WFM solutions, increase the productivity of your people, support your operations team through every challenge you face, and empower you with our leading WFM and labor products. Swing by our booth for a free demo of Planara - our powerful new labour planning and analytics solution.


  • Opus
    Opus is the perfect platform for building and managing your labor model. Purpose-built by Axsium, Opus develops and manages the hundreds or thousands of labor standards that make up your organization’s labor model....

  • Opus is the intuitive work measurement solution that makes managing and updating your labor model quick and easy.

    Opus allows you to store thousands of labor standards, volume drivers, and location attributes in a cloud-based platform that integrates directly with your WFM solution.

    This means your labor model is not only accurate and up-to-date, but deployable and ready to fuel your WFM solution. Opus brings you labor model to life.

    • Manage thousands of standards, volume drivers, and location attributes with ease
    • Make small or large-scale changes to your labor model quickly and easily
    • Deploy your labor model instantly via direct integration with your WFM
    • Generate more accurate labor workload that reduces under and overstaffing
  • Planara
    Planara is Axsium’s labor planning and analytics solution. This revolutionary platform accelerates your labor planning processes, optimizes your location-level allocations, and ensures you meet your labor objectives....

  • Planara harmonizes your budgeting processes by improving alignment between Finance and Operations and accelerating your labor budgeting processes.

    Planara gives you the ability to analyze complex planning assumptions and what-if scenarios, which means you can quickly and easily adapt to shifting operational realities and hit your goals — all from within one powerful, easy-to-understand dashboard.

    • Increased alignment for Finance and Operations during budgeting
    • Accelerated decision-making and evaluation of planning scenarios
    • Improved analysis of key planning assumptions and labor drivers
    • The ability to adapt to operational realities and performance goals
  • Studia
    Studia is Axsium’s purpose-built data collection app. Create and execute precise studies of your on-the-ground operations with this sleek and accurate platform....

  • Studia is the mobile data collection solution for accurate work sampling and direct observation studies.

    Studia’s user-friendly interface makes work sampling and direction observation easy. This means that work studies can be performed by both industrial engineers and non-IEs alike, dramatically accelerating the speed at which employee and customer data can be collected.

    • Perform work sampling studies to understand your activity utilizations
    • Conduct direct observation studies on the customer or employee experience
    • Calculate labor standards for more fluid or customer-centric tasks