Shopic Inc.

New York,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 4503

Shopic provides smart cart and store digitalization solutions to the world’s leading grocers, bringing the advantages of online commerce to their physical stores. Our computer vision-based clip-on device turns any regular shopping cart into a smart cart. It delivers a smooth shopping experience, instant on-cart checkout, just-in-time personalized promotions, and analytical insights from the retail floor.


  • Shopic Platform for Frictionless Shopping
    Shopic delivers intelligent retail with the world's smartest shopping cart, bringing the advantages of online commerce to the grocery retail floor...

  • Who we are

    Shopic is a provider of smart cart and store digitalization solutions

    What we want to achieve

    Our mission is to bring the benefits of e-commerce to physical grocery stores: personalized, frictionless experiences for shoppers and data-based optimization for retailers.

    How we’re doing it

    We’ve built a comprehensive front-end digitalization platform that has three parts:  

    1. A computer vision-based smart cart that automatically identifies product insertions and delivers a frictionless shopping experience, with a personalized store journey and line-skipping self-checkout
    2. A promotions engine that tailors ads and offers to shoppers and displays them on the cart’s screen, exactly where and when they select products.
    3. An analytics engine that optimizes store management with real-time tracking of shopper carts and store shelves 

    Shopic’s platform allows retailers to bring to their physical stores the key benefits of online shopping:

    • High transparency
    • High personalization
    • Zero friction
    • Data-driven optimization