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[No.1 Global Live Commerce SaaS Provider, Shoplive]


Shoplive is a B2B SaaS startup company that provides innovative live commerce solutions. Our goal is to develop and provide live commerce technology to sell any product in the world. In less than two years since its founding, Shoplive has partnered with top platforms and conglomerates to create a new era for the live commerce. 


Our clients have seen their growth supercharged by our technology, and we have also started to make waves globally. This dynamic new service is being provided to clients in markets such as the US, LATAM, Europe and Asia


Our collaboration with the world’s largest e-commerce platform has galvanized growth, and the demand is growing: as live commerce increases its reach, customers in different industries are contacting us for their quantum leap.

Shoplive creates live streaming solutions and turns big data into smart insights to empower our customers’ brand and increase their revenue. Shoplive is easy to set-up and provides seamless integration for the best user experience. In short, innovating the e-commerce industry through technology and product is our mission.