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SimplyRFiD Wave leverages RFID to reduce inventory times from days to minutes. The worlds leading companies select Wave to beat the competition. Take a look at our RFID Cookbook for ideas on how Wave can help you.


  • SimplyRFID Wave
    SimplyRFiD Wave is an inventory counting system that makes daily inventory possible — with RFID....

  • SimplyRFiD Wave is an inventory counting system that makes daily inventory possible — with RFID.


    De-Inventory (DeInv) - Remove the burden of ‘centralized’ inventory and adopt decentralized inventory. Wave takes inventory by item, shelf, and location in minutes vs. legacy quarterly centralized inventory write-offs. With DeInv, you can turn any pile of inventory from unknown to sellable.

    Managing - Manage millions of items by shelf. Sync thousands of locations and users with custom groups and security levels. Single store, multi-store, or a mix of access control of your global inventory.

    Reporting - Daily inventory differentials and accurate inventory counts for the fulfillment, ERP integration, and decision making

    Synchronization - Sync your inventory automatically amongst stores and your online eCommerce inventory.

    Speed - RAIN RFID scans between 500 and 1,000 per minute. Most stores take 20 minutes to inventory by using one or more handhelds.

    Pictures - Set pictures for any item and displays in your list as you're inventorying items.

    Custom Fields - You can select custom field names and properties for your products.

    Indoor and Outdoor GPS - Wave uses SimplyRFiD Marker tags to provide an indoor GPS location of your items. Your store isn’t one area - and Wave knows the difference between the backroom, end cap, and front display.

    Locate - Wave lets you locate any item type by name and begins beeping (Geiger counter) as you get close.


    Battery life with Wave running on:

    • iPhone SE (2022): 8 hours continuous

    • iPod 7th Gen: 2.5 hours continuous (not recommended / end of life)

    • CSL CS108-2 RFID/2D Barcode scanner: 2 hours of continuous scanning use, 24+ hours standby.



    OS: iOS 15+ capable Apple device.
    Devices: iPods work but are not recommended. The iPhone SE (2022) is excellent or any iPhone since iPhone 7.
    RFID: CS108-2 Handheld Required.
    Server: SimplyRFID Pogi Server Account
    RFID Tags: Your choice of RAIN RFID tags from any vendor

    * Wave scans about 1,300 items per second, but due to the limitation of how fast humans can move, we find the average respectable consistent throughput from 500-1,000 items per minute at typical retail stores.