SINFIN - Digital Experience Platform

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Sinfin™simplifies your online presence, its the only DXP platform on the market to offer so many bricks combined in one ergonomic and easy to use tool:

How to better manage your online presence?

With the reduction of the number of tools used in the management of online actions. This will save time on other value-added tasks.

How can you obtain an equivalent level of information internally and externally?

With the centralization of resources between all collaborators, providers and retailers. This allows for better management and communication between departments.

How can you be efficient in a complex digital world?

With concrete statistics that are reported in real time on all your activities launched from the platform. This allows for better analysis.

How to save time in the distribution of your products?

With the multitude of connectors allowing the synchronization of product catalogs, retailers and marketplaces. This allows you to distribute quickly and with a constant quality. How can you create a strong link with your users?

With the possibility to create autonomously and quickly contests, mini-sites, articles and to publish on your social networks.