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Korea (South)
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S.Lab Asia is a cold chain technology company where seasoned temperature researchers develop reusable and temperature-controlled packages and solutions. Greenie, one of our product lines, is a circular economy solution for recycled plastics. We aim to create a virtuous cycle of recycled plastics by partnering with waste management companies in Asia where a tremendous amount of plastic is produced and wasted. Greenie team collects wastes from Vietnam and we produce them into raw materials like flakes/pellets and finished products like food packaging and thermal-protective package. From Greenie's recycle and reuse program, more than 85,000 kg CO2-eq are reduced per year by replacing a traditional single-use Styrofoam box which is widely used by retailers. Greenie continues to do closed-loop recycling where plastics are collected, recycled and then made into a new product without landfill or incineration. 


    Greenie FOOD PACKAGING is a recyclable food storage container which was created with 30~50% post-consumer recycled PET plastic. You can custom design our food packaging solutions to fit your needs....

  • * Recyclable : PET food-safe plastic can be recycled and reused numerous times.
    * Lightweight : Requires less energy to transport.
    * Safe : Can’t be shattered or damaged when dropped.
    * Convenient : The safe and lightweight aspects make it easy to use on the go
    * Flexible: Easy to mold and it can be manufactured in many ways
    * Sustainable: Allow to be reused over and over again.
    * Customizable : Easy to showcase your brand identity

  • Greenie ECO
    Greenie ECO is a multi-use temperature-controlled package. VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) is incorporated in all 6 sides to keep fresh food refrigerated for a longer period....

  • Greenie ECO Small

    • Payload: 13L
    • Cool life: 12 hours (+2℃~+10℃)
    • Weight: 6.28 lbs
    • External Dimensions : 21.4”(W) x 14.4”(L) x 5.4”(H)
    • Internal Dimensions: 16.4”(W) x 9.1”(L) x 4.4” (H)

    Greenie ECO Medium

    • Payload: 23L
    • Cool life: 12 hours (+2℃~+10℃)
    • Weight: 7.83 lbs
    • External Dimensions : 21.4”(W) x 14.4”(L) x 8.98”(H)
    • Internal Dimensions: 16.3”(W) x 8.9”(L) x 7.95” (H)
  • Greenie rPET PELLETS
    Greenie plans to produce mechanically recycled pellets for the following food grade packaging: beverage bottles (for water, soft drinks, milk, etc), trays and food containers....

  • The shredded plastic is melted and crushed together to form pellets.