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Snabble provides custom-fit, mobile checkout solutions for brick-and-mortar retail. The platform enables retailers around the world to benefit from an enhanced customer experience.
From convenient in-app payments to loyalty management, rich couponing and promotions, vending machine dispensing and fiscalization, Snabble offers full-featured POS solutions for today's retailers.
A modern microservice architecture and advanced APIs enable easy and fast integration as well as flexibility for merchant-specific customization.

Currently, Snabble's product portfolio includes Scan & Go, SCO and mPOS software as well as a payment platform. Enjoy the benefits of mobile checkout variants in your store. With only one connection, all services can be used individually per store.

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 Press Releases

  • Today, Thursday, November 5, 2020, a new store concept opens in Fulda: "tegut... teo". As a retailer, tegut... operates around 290 stores in Hesse, Thuringia, northern Bavaria, Göttingen and Mainz. Since 2013, tegut... has been owned by the Migros Zurich cooperative.

    tegut... teo is a self-service store for local supply. Its modular design allows it to be positioned in places where no supermarket has been available before. For example in the middle of residential areas, on company premises or at transportation hubs. Customers can thus shop casually at any time when it best fits into their daily routine.

    Image credit: tegut… gute Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG

    tegut... teo can be open around the clock - even on Sundays and public holidays - and does not require any checkout staff. Shopping and payment can be done easily via app or at a self-checkout kiosk. Both the app and the kiosk use Snabble's Scan & Go technology.

    Customers can enter the store by scanning a QR code at the entrance, which is displayed to them in the tegut... teo app. Alternatively, a card reader for debit or credit cards is available to open the door. Afterwards, customers can move freely around the store and leave it again at any time.

    Snabble As A Stand-Alone POS System

    Since there are no conventional cash registers in a tegut... teo, Snabble's software is the only and therefore completely independent cash register system. Of course, the software complies with the GoBD and KassenSichV (Kassensicherheitsverordnung) requirements. For the necessary fiscalization, Snabble has connected a cloud TSE of the provider Deutsche Fiskal, a wholly owned subsidiary of GK Software.

    Snabble thus delivers a complete Scan & Go software for the mobile self-checkout. The ultra-modern microservice architecture offers, besides the mentioned features like age verification and issueing by vending machines, of course also support for deposit systems, weighing goods and can be easily configured and adapted - according to the retailer's wishes.

    Image source: tegut...

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  • HELLWEG Die Profi-Baumärkte - Scan & Go in the professional hardware store

    Scan & Go in a DIY store? What are the advantages for the customer? - There are several reasons for this: Customers scan their items themselves while shopping. After starting the payment process, the app generates a QR code that is transferred to the checkout provided specifically for Scan & Go. Here, payment is uncomplicated and fast. There is no real checkout line. Even bulky and unhandy items do not delay the checkout, as the items only have to be scanned once by the customer. A perfect example of this is a large purchase with many products. These no longer have to be placed on the checkout belt. Additional effort can thus be avoided. Especially during the season, when DIY stores are bursting at the seams with capacity, Scan & Go makes shopping more pleasant.

    When visiting the DIY store, however, it is often not a matter of haste or speed for the do-it-yourselfer. They take their time and seek detailed advice. Self-checkout makes it possible for employees who normally staff checkouts to talk to customers again. In the same way, the professional craftsman can make a quick purchase under time pressure and no longer has to queue at the regular checkout - because here the efficiency applies: time is money!

    • HELLWEG Die Profi-Baumärkte with innovative self-checkout solution
    • Regional market leader launches Scan & Go in 8 stores in Berlin & surrounding area
    • Self-Checkout software by Snabble
    • Purchase via Scan & Go with the Snabble app

    Scan & Go at HELLWEG Die Profi-Baumärkte

    The HELLWEG Die Profi-Baumärkte store network is characterized by high density and regional market leadership, with a focus on the Rhine-Ruhr region and the Berlin area. In order to further expand the industry leadership and promote the advancing digitalization in the HELLWEG stores, Snabble and HELLWEG Die Profi-Baumärkte have decided on a joint Scan & Go solution in the Berlin area. From now on, it is possible to shop self-determined with the Snabble app in 8 stores in Berlin & surroundings.

    HELLWEG Die Profi-Baumärkte is an owner-managed family company. The company is growing disproportionately with a successful DIY store and garden center store concept and online stores. 95 HELLWEG stores in Germany and Austria and 53 DIY megastores with garden centers operated by its sister company BayWa Bau & Garten in southern Germany are managed and controlled from the company's headquarters in Dortmund. The group also includes Gartencenter Augsburg with seven locations in North Rhine-Westphalia.


  • Since August 5, 2020, users of the Snabble app have already been able to make purchases in some dm stores via Scan & Go. During the course of the year, several locations were added across Europe. Users of the app found themselves in the dm corporate design when they entered the store and could scan the desired products. To pay, it was necessary to go to the classic checkout with a QR code created by the app.

     "We are pleased to have completed a 10-month public test with dm. In 35 stores across Europe, Snabble app users were able to shop with Scan & Go. The results and feedback were extremely positive. We are pleased to have been able to support dm in gaining valuable experience for the further development of its mobile self-checkout strategy. Looking ahead to the summer, we [Snabble] are looking forward to supporting more retailers in the multi-retailer app as well as in individual retailer apps."

    Sebastian Mancke, Founder & CEO, Snabble GmbH

    About dm-drogerie markt GmbH

    dm-drogerie markt was founded in 1973 by Prof. Götz W. Werner in Karlsruhe. Today, the retailer is Germany's top-selling drugstore with around 41,000 employees. Every day, more than 1.7 million customers shop at the more than 2,000 dm stores that exist throughout Germany. In the independent consumer survey "Kundenmonitor," dm has been at the top of the list of national drugstores for almost 20 years. dm is the most popular national drugstore in Germany among customers, according to the results of the consumer survey "Kundenmonitor Deutschland 2020." Customers associate dm with trust, enthusiasm, sympathy and a focus on the future.

    Snabble Company Profile

    Today's customers expect a modern shopping experience, the easiest payment options, short waiting times and personalized offers. Snabble is the revolutionary Scan & Go platform that offers exactly that. Founded in 2018 in Bonn, Germany, Snabble supports retailers with years of expertise and state-of-the-art software solutions around the point of sale. Thanks to Snabble, retailers reach entirely new customer groups and increase their sales, while customers appreciate the uncomplicated shopping experience.



  • Scan & Go
    Offer your customers Scan & Go in your own app with our Scan & Go SDK. It supports the full range of features, including scanning, product listings, promotions, payment, and store overview.

  • Scan & Go

    Shopping today is all about convenience and personalization. The connection between physical and digital shopping can be challenging for retailers. Scan & Go technology – also known as Mobile Self-Checkout – helps provide a seamless experience for customers by offering hyper-personalized recommendations, shared shopping lists, detailed product information and much more directly on their mobile phones.

    Snabble offers several ways to implement Scan & Go. On the one hand, via an SDK for integration into existing apps. On the other hand, via the Snabble App, which enables a quick pilot without a separate app.

    Your benefits:

    • Awareness: Scan & Go allows you to capture, manage, and enhance the data generated in your stores. Get a better understanding of customers and provide them with an improved shopping experience.
    • Connection: Providing a holistic journey and integrated loyalty systems will bind customers to your channels, creating lifelong customers and increasing profit.
    • Efficiency: It’s a win-win for you and your customers. While they’ skip the queue, you can use your resources more productively – including space and staff.

  • SCO Software
    If you have ever tried an Express Checkout, you will be impressed by the ease of use of our SCO software. We have reduced the number of buttons and the number of screens within the customer journey to the essentials, and added playful animations....

  • SCO Software

    If you have ever tried an Express Checkout, you will be impressed by the ease of use of our SCO software. We have reduced the number of buttons and the number of screens within the customer journey to the essentials, and added playful animations.

    24/7 shopping at tegut... teo

    At tegut... teo, our SCO enables customers to check out around the clock, without assistance from a cashier. We even enable cigarette dispensing, thanks to integrated age verification in self-service.

    Touchpoint for in-app-payment

    At gooods and Pflanzen-Kölle, our SCO is used in a lighter version. Here no scanning of articles is possible. Instead, our SCO serves as a gatekeeper - customers who want to pay via app are asked to confirm their purchase here. This gives customers and employees visible confirmation that everything is okay.

    Flexible frontend for every use case

    Our frontend is extremely variable and thus enables different operations. In addition to entering articles via the scanner, direct selection on the screen is of course also possible. This means that our SCO can also be used as an order kiosk.

  • mPOS
    With the new Snabble mPOS, your POS is wherever you are. The included touch screen, signature pad, printer, card reader and long-lasting battery make the mPOS truly mobile....

  • Checkout is now part of the advisory

    With the new Snabble mPOS, your POS is wherever you are. The included touch screen, signature pad, printer, card reader and long-lasting battery make the mPOS truly mobile. This provides the opportunity to offer customers a fast and mobile payment option anywhere – especially as a part of the advisory process. 

    Your Advantages

    1. Payment directly to the customer advisor

    2. Reduces need for expensive hardware

    3. Ideal for contactless payments

    4. Highly scalable

    5. Reduction of long checkout lines

    6. Increased sales

    Guided shopping

    With mPOS, you are able to offer a great guided shopping experience. A customer advisor accompanies the customer through the store and gives advice. At the end, the advisor collects on the spot - without a break in the shopping experience.

    Modern store layouts

    When a dedicated area for checkouts is no longer necessary, the layout of a store can be rethought entirely. At the same time, you gain maximum flexibility - because any employee can check out at any time, at any place.