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SocialQ is transforming the retail experience

Launched in 2020, SocialQ is a customer experience tool that improves customer NPS, reduces labor costs and increases incremental revenue.

BOPIS is a surging part of eCommerce and SocialQ allows retailers to streamline the collection process, reduce handling and wait times, and drive customer NPS.

Virtual Queuing can slash customer traffic, reduce perceived wait times, remove physical lines, and increase incremental revenue.

Click-and-Deliver integrates with couriers to provide order-to-door delivery in under an hour. It involves no commissions and keeps the transaction entirely on the retailer’s website. 

Store performance analytics provide insight to wait times, peak periods, and customer and team trends. This allows retailers to optimize stores to improve customer experience and reduce costs.

No-code integration means that SocialQ can be implemented in days, not months. The platform is built to require little-to-no infrastructure change. 

 Show Specials

  • To celebrate NRF, SocialQ is offering attendees the first 3 MONTHS FREE!*

    SocialQ is a single platform that transforms customer experience in an omnichannel world - with no integration required. To celebrate Retail's Big Show in 2023, SocialQ is available to attendees for the first 3 months FREE on a 12 month agreement. 

    That single subscription includes virtual queuing for service counters or customer consultations, appointment booking tools, BOPIS optimisation, gift wrapping streamlining, instant delivery of e-commerce, store reporting, SMS marketing tools, complete brand customisation.

    But be quick - this offer is only valid for the duration of Retail's Big Show and will conclude on January 17, 2023. 

    *Offer does not include any associated SMS costs

 Press Releases

  • Food delivery giant, DoorDash, has signed a major deal this week with Australian tech company, Social Q, that will allow any sized retailer the ability to offer express delivery once the item is picked and packed ready for collection.  Even small retailers that sign up to use SocialQ can now compete against the likes of Amazon and Instacart with speedy deliveries. SocialQ honed its tech during the pandemic to become one of the world’s leading click-and-collect plugins – facilitating over seven million bookings in the past 18 months alone.

    Even Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, praised the company’s technology, labelling it 'world’s best practice’! The company’s technology has powered retailers such as Kmart, The Warehouse (NZ) & Target. It manages in-store and curb-side BOPIS (click and collect), while also allowing businesses to take appointments and virtual queuing. The company’s technology is proven to improve the turnaround at pickup and help store teams become 300% more efficient, all while making sure customers collect their orders in a timely manner. 

    SocialQ’s DoorDash association will enhance the company’s technology by seamlessly plugging into a retailer’s existing website. No third-party apps, no dev code, and no impacting a retailer’s current road map. SocialQ uses QR technology, inventory, and stock in transit to provide a simple, entry-level integration for a seamless customer experience.

    Prior to SocialQ’s technology becoming available, a retailer could take three months of development to do what the company’s tech can now achieve in less than two days.

    “Our speed to market reinvents DoorDash’s delivery offering,” said SocialQ founder, Dean Cherny. “There’s nothing like this in Australia, or frankly, the world. And we're excited that DoorDash is now a part of it. So now when you order from a retailer, you can have now DoorDash express deliver your shopping.”

    Click and collect has grown substantially in recent years with the pandemic necessity now becoming the norm with no slowdown. In 2020, click-and-collect sales doubled in the US, reaching sales of $72.5 billion. It is predicted sales will rise to $100 billion in 2022. SocialQ’s click-and-delivery innovation will be complimented with click-and-returns, so people do not have to leave the comfort of their home and travel to the post office if they’re retail purchases are not perfect. 

    Even with the rise in click-and-collect global sales, there has been little competition for the Australian-owned designed SocialQ. In America, 83 of the top 100 retailers don’t have a digitalised click-and-collect system. 

    SocialQ first boomed with its Kmart partnership during Victoria’s 11-week 2020 lockdown. The company’s technology turned the company’s fortunes around after the retailer’s previous system saw thousands of customer complaints, system chaos and service breakdowns. SocialQ turned Kmart’s click-and-collect into a highly regarded best-practice business solution. The technology was so highly regarded that Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, applauded Kmart as the ‘world’s best practice when it came to click-and-collect and virtual queuing’. 

    “Like most businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic brought store closures and physical distancing challenges to how Kmart operated,” said Steve Stone, Kmart National Store Support Manager. “As we looked for ways to deal with these, we came across SocialQ and their virtual queuing platform that had just been launched and began to explore how it could enhance Kmart’s in-store experience. As we learnt more about the wider possibilities of SocialQ, we ended up using the solution to streamline our click-and-collect booking process and made things incredibly easy for our store teams. Even as snap lockdowns came and went, we were able to remain trading, using the SocialQ platform to coordinate curb-side and contactless click & collect.”


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    The challenge

    Unlike elsewhere in Australia, Melbourne and the State of Victoria endured a gruelling 11-week lockdown in 2020. At this time, Kmart doubled down on curb-side click & collect so they could service customer needs.

    When a customer made a click & collect purchase, they were sent a text message when the goods were ready for collection. In that message, they were told to call the store on arrival and someone would bring out their goods.

    The Victorian 'dark stores' were averaging 400 click & collect orders a store per day. Kmart quickly realised that the current processes & systems could not meet the customer demands.

    The phones were continually engaged which frustrated their customer & the Kmart teams could not keep up with the volume of collections as they never knew when customers were coming in. The carparks were bedlam, and the Kmart team were continually having to run back and forth to collect, locate and then deliver the orders.

    The process was inefficient and not sustainable.

    The Solution

    Kmart engaged SocialQ to help them build a completely contactless click & collect process that wouldn’t require any apps to be downloaded.

    Kmart included a 'Book In Your Collection' link in the text message they were sent when goods were ready for collection. This link allowed customers to select a date & time to collect their goods

    Collection times were broken into 10-minute slots and capped at 10 bookings per slot.

    By including a 40-min 'booking block out’, SocialQ was able to give the Kmart teams time to collect the goods for the forthcoming bookings and bring them to the collection point, ready to be collected when the customers arrived. 

    Customers received a reminder message the morning their goods were to be collected.

    On arrival, they clicked the 'I’ve Arrived’ and then added the Parking Bay they were parked in. This sent a message to the Kmart team who would then bring the goods to the car, verify the booking and then put the goods in the boot.

    The Results

    Once SocialQ was rolled out, Kmart doubled the number of click & collect bookings they could process.

    Customer complaints in regard to click & collect essentially dropped to zero and the satisfaction of the Kmart team managing this process increased as they now had a process that worked.

    Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria said that Kmart was operating world’s best practice when it came to their click & collect & virtual queuing.


  • BOPIS / Click & Collect
    SocialQ’s BOPIS feature will streamline your store’s collection process, reduce handling and wait times, and increase both customer NPS and employee eNPS....

  • BOPIS / Click & Collect

    Many customers appreciate the convenience of BOPIS, as it allows them to shop online and avoid the crowds and long lines at the store. However, if their only option is to enter the store to pick up their orders, it can defeat the purpose of this service. As more and more consumers go online to shop for everything from groceries to fashion and furniture (US ecommerce grew 10.8% in Q3 2022), retailers face the pressure to offer more choices when it comes to the fulfillment of orders, which is why adding Click & Collect as a customer option makes sense in any retailer’s omnichannel strategy.


    With SocialQ’s simple, seamless, Click & Collect tool, you can make this feature part of your store’s omnichannel strategy and transform your curbside/store pickup from a headache into an optimal, efficient process for your store employees and customers.

    Empower Customers

    The worldwide BOPIS industry is expected to reach $703 Billion by 2027, with almost 70% of US consumers having used some form of BOPIS when shopping. Empower your customers by giving them more choices in how they want to buy and collect their purchases.This added flexibility gives the customer the power to book a collection date and time based on their schedule. Providing your customers with a more convenient, flexible, and time-saving experience will lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Enhance Customer Experience

    By the end of 2021 it was estimated that 61.8% of major store-based retailers offered curbside pickup. This led to a faster and more convenient experience for customers who raved about the time saving it afforded them with their busy lives. 

    Increase Store Revenue

    85% of consumers who have used BOPIS say that they have made additional unplanned in-store purchases when picking up an order placed online. Furthermore, since BOPIS generates more profit than other omnichannel services, retailers can offer incentives such as discounts to encourage customers to choose this option, benefiting both the customer and the business.

    Store Labor Efficiencies

    Gives stores the ability to repurpose current in-store staff to handle click & collect orders without having to hire additional workers. By leveraging SocialQ dashboard, store managers can identify peak times and plan staff schedules appropriately.

  • Virtual Queues and Online Bookings
    With SocialQ’s Virtual Queues and Online Bookings tool, retailers can significantly improve their customer experience by reducing wait times, increasing convenience, and providing a more organized and efficient shopping experience....

  • Virtual Queues and Online Bookings

    Human beings spend 37 BILLION hours each year, waiting in line somewhere. And as the world becomes faster and people grow more impatient, consumers will demand a fast, efficient, shopping experience. With SocialQ’s Virtual Queueing and Online Bookings tool your customers will get back their freedom to spend their time in other, more positive ways.

    It's Okay To Let Your Customer Know How Long They'll Wait

    Research continues to show that providing your customer with wait-time estimates reduces their average wait time and stress level. This is because when customers are given a time commitment upfront or an appointment time, expectations have been set and met.Virtual queues are also a visual tool that customers can physically check while browsing the store, thus knowing that they will not lose their place or stuck behind someone who arrived after they did.

    Improve Staff Productivity

    Virtual queues can greatly improve efficiency by ensuring that customers are served in the correct order, directed to the appropriate service agent, and given the option to be re-queued as needed. Also, by using a virtual queue, retailers can reduce the need for physical queue management systems and staff, leading to cost savings.

    Reduce Actual Wait Time

    Virtual queuing technology allows service agents to have a better understanding of the overall situation, which enables them to serve customers more effectively and accurately. This increased productivity leads to more efficient service, resulting in shorter wait times for customers and increased satisfaction for both customers and businesses.

    Increase Sales

    As you hold your customers' place in line, they are able to browse your to continue shopping or relax at the bar while they wait to be notified that they are next to be served.

  • Click & Deliver
    Provide your customers with increased convenience and an enhanced customer experience by utilizing SocialQ’s Click & Deliver tool that provides order-to-door delivery in under an hour....

  • Click & Deliver

    Same-day, instant delivery is in demand and companies without this ultrafast tool will continue to leave money on the table in the form of abandoned online customer shopping carts.This trend is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, as consumers seek out retailers with faster delivery options.


    SocialQ is now able to facilitate an instant delivery service, from the time a retailer’s pick and pack process is complete.Imagine getting last minute printing supplies delivered to your office while you’re on a deadline, or tools/supplies to your worksite before the end of day.

    Customer Loyalty and Retention

    Customers who receive their orders quickly are more likely to be satisfied with their shopping experience, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business. A study by Deloitte found that consumers who received their orders within an hour were three times more likely to shop with that retailer again compared to those who received their orders within a day.

    Competitive Advantage

    In today's crowded and competitive retail market, the ability to offer fast and convenient delivery can be a key differentiator. Consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to on-demand services, and retailers that are able to offer instant delivery may be more likely to win their business.

    Increase Sales and Repeat Business

    Customers who are able to receive their orders quickly may be more likely to make a purchase, as they know they won't have to wait long for their items to arrive. In a recent survey, 80% of respondents said they were more likely to shop with a retailer that offered same-day delivery and return to buy more items. 

    Reduce Delivery Costs

    Taking advantage of SocialQ’s unique partnership, retailers will not pay any additional costs when a customer opts for Instant Delivery through SocialQ.Instead the customer will pay for the delivery -   A 2021 survey found that 65% of consumers are willing to pay for faster, more reliable deliveries.. Finally, Instant Delivery will streamline the fulfillment and delivery process, leading to a reduction in costs and thus  improving store profitability.

  • Store Reporting
    Let SocialQ provide the data that will help your stores identify trends and patterns in customer behavior and sales, opportunities for improvement, and empower staff to make data-driven decisions on how to optimize their store's operations....

  • Store Reporting

    SocialQ’s Store Reporting software provides easy-to-understand reports and visuals, regarding trends and patterns, busy store times, customer orders and wait times, as well as staffing. It means that anyone, at any level in the business can analyze performance metrics and understand which of your stores, services, and staff are providing the most value to your bottom line.

    Personalize Your Customer’s Experience

    With SocialQ’s platform and leveraging your customer’s data on their preferences and purchase history, we can send them recommended products or services when they enter your store! This not only helps your stores to increase sales, but it will  improve customer satisfaction by making the shopping experience more relevant. In fact, 62% of customers say it is acceptable for companies to send personalized offers or discounts based on items they’ve already purchased.


    Improved Decision Making

    By analyzing data from SocialQ’s Store Reporting, retailers can make more informed decisions about their business,including determining its peak shopping periods, inventory turnover, Click & Collect/BOPIS wait times, and comparative reporting between stores, regions, or even on a global level.SocialQ’s Store Reporting platform provides retail businesses with insights into team performance and customer experiences, allowing you to better manage your business.

    Increased Sales

    By analyzing store performance data, retailers can identify trends and patterns that can help them increase sales and revenue. 61% of consumers have stated that by receiving promotions or recommendations, based on their past purchase history, would make them more likely to make a purchase.

    Enhanced Marketing Efforts

    Retailers can use store reporting and analytics to identify the most effective marketing strategies and channels, helping them to personally target customers, based on their past shopping habits and histories, when they return to the store.

    A Better Customer Experience

    Retailers can use store reporting and analytics to better understand customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to tailor their offerings and improve the overall shopping experience.

  • Customer Communications
    SocialQ offers both real-time and post-purchase communications with your customers to help foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

  • Customer Communications

    SocialQ’s platform enables retailers to interact with their customers in a personalized way, based on each individual's unique profile, shopping history, and preferences. This level of personalization can be highly effective at driving repeat engagement and loyalty over time, as recurring interactions create more data from which brands can design ever-more relevant experiences that generate strong, long-term customer lifetime value and loyalty.

    In fact, 71% of customers expect to receive some sort of personalization during their shopping experience. The same study showed that brands that provide personalization see almost 40% more in revenue.  

    Send Customers Personalized Offers When They Arrive

    Leverage SocialQ’s tools with your CRM to create customized promotional campaigns that are tailored to each individual customer. As customers enter your store, they scan a QR code to check in and then receive an in-store offer or coupon for their entire purchase. You can also use SocialQ to alert customers to check out specials and offerings in different departments within your store.

    Offers Based on Past Shopping Histories

    Loyalty programs and promotions help provide insight into consumer attitudes and engagement, while also creating meaningful interactions with these consumers as part of a value exchange. In 2021, a survey found that 68% of customers like it when a loyalty program sends them personalized discounts based on their purchase history. SocialQ allows your stores to utilize their existing data, and amplify individualized customer engagements that will drive and grow the loyalty programs.


    Engage With Your Customers In Your Voice

    With SocialQ’s white-labelling services retailers control the tone, language and branding of all of their customer communications and interactions. This allows your team to maintain a consistent brand image and voice throughout the customer’s shopping experience..

    Excelling At Personalization Generates More Loyalty and Revenue

    In highly competitive markets, personalization at scale will be the key driver of future growth for all retailers. The research found that companies that excel at personalization generate 40 percent more revenue from those activities than stores that do not prioritize it. Most customers associate personalization with positive experiences of being made to feel special by the store. Customers believe this demonstrates the retailer's investment in their relationship, and do not view them as possible transactions