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United States
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Spectralink provides future-focused retail communication solutions that enable organizations to successfully compete in today’s omnichannel world. Seamlessly integrating with leading mobile application and technology partners, Spectralink’s adaptable voice and digital communication solutions helps retailers empower mobile store associates to provide superior personalized customer experiences. Purpose-built, our all-in-one solution combines best-in-class voice, push-to-talk communications, scanning and SAFE assistance for loss prevention, truly making mobility work for retail. Additionally, our AMIE (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises) mobility management dashboard enables seamless deployments and provides valuable insight into the performance of your fleet including battery management, call quality, and so much more.

Since 1990, we’ve been enabling excellence by empowering mobile workforces.


  • Versity 95 enterprise smartphone
    Rugged, premium enterprise smartphone that enables superior power, voice, communication & task management. Integrates w/ retail applications & leading UC platforms like Zoom, RingCentral & MS Teams for communication and task management anywhere you work....

  • Go beyond a mobile computer or consumer smartphone with Versity 95. Versity 95 is where leading voice and data access converge in one lightweight, easy-to-use, award-winning, and purpose-built-for-business device to take your mobility solution to the next level. It is the ultimate solution for deskless workers in voice-critical, zero downtime, rugged 24x7 environments that demand superior power and application functionality for communication, notification, documentation, information, and safety in hand anywhere on the job. Versity 95 is the smartphone you need when you want the best device on the market to make mobility work for your teams.

    • Don't let your tools weigh you down – Versity 95 combines phone, walkie-talkie, paging, scanning, alerting, computing, and recording into an all-in-one, lightweight device that fits easily and comfortably in a hand or pocket.
    • Optional 1D/2D built-in optical scanner for fast and accurate barcode scanning, even in low light 
    • Large 5.2" touch screen to easily see and input information
    • Never have to ask, "can you hear me now?", Versity 95 features more microphones and antennas than any competitive device, has noise and echo cancelation capabilities, and roams better on your Wi-Fi network, for the industry's undisputed leading voice quality, perfect for environments where hearing every single word the first time is critical.
    • Low batteries won't slow you down – Versity 95 features a true hot-swappable battery that you can swap out while using an app or on a call, meaning zero downtime and no missing mission-critical information. Batteries are separately chargeable - only 1 device with 3 batteries needed for a 24-hour shift, 5-year lifecycle, to save time & money
    • Never worry about breaking your device. Versity 95's rugged, IP68 rated design exceeds even the highest industry drop test standards and will survive being dropped, knocked, kicked, soaked, or cleaned without needing to spend money on (or carry) a bulky case. Features scratch- and shatter-proof Gorilla glass.
    • Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 octa-core 2.45 gHz processor
    • With secured devices and networks, never worry about exposing sensitive data and information – Versity 95 maintains the highest data security possible, ensuring sensitive guest and customer information stays safe.
    • Integration with an ever-expanding list of industry-specific applications your employees need for improved productivity, communication, notification, and collaboration to provide unparalleled patient and customer care.Extend collaboration to your mobile workers with leading recognized interoperability with most UC vendors, including Microsoft, Cisco, RingCentral, and Zoom (And we can support UC in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid model)
    • Keep your workers safe and provide them with the reassurance of safety anywhere on the job through fully programmable Spectralink SAFE, including "man down" feature, motion sensors, and one-touch panic button
    • Never worry about what's going on with your Versity devices with AMIE®. Easily managed - centralized administration and configuration, plus battery management and device location of your entire Versity fleet, lessens the burden on your IT and Telecomm teams and lets your end-users focus on the job instead of worrying if their device will work.

  • Versity 92 enterprise smartphone
    Versity 92 is the most robust, user-friendly & lightweight enterprise smartphone for its price. Perfect for light application use, a superior alternative to a consumer device, and UC-ready, equip all your staff to make mobility work at any budget....

  • Red Dot design winner Versity 92 is Spectralink’s entry-level, purpose-built for enterprise, smartphone. Versity 92 is ideal for users with voice, secure messaging, and lighter application needs who want a more compact and affordable device and do not require the high processing power or extra large touchscreen of the Versity 95. Lightweight, durable, UC ready, and with the leading voice quality expected in a Spectralink phone, Versity 92 is the perfect solution to broaden your customers’ enterprise capabilities as an entry-level smartphone option, preferred upgrade from a feature phone or other older technology. The durable, cleanable, and secure Versity 92 enterprise smartphone leads to cost savings for your customers and improved job satisfaction for their users, making mobility work on their terms.

    • No need to reach for another tool—Versity 92 eliminates the employee "toolbelt" by combining phone, data, scanning, and walkie-talkie into an all-in-one lightweight smartphone
    • Features an optional built-in scanner for fast and accurate barcode scanning, even in low light
    • The perfect size for the job, lighter than competitive devices, yet still durable for demanding environments, Versity 92 can withstand repeated drops, kicks, water exposure and can handle cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants
    • Features Spectralink's industry-leading voice quality and superior network roaming to ensure your team can always be reached and heard clearly on the job, improving team collaboration and customer care
    • Full-featured, durable enterprise smartphone with a low TCO for the budget-minded
    • A cost-effective way to extend UCaaS to all mobile workers across organizations and is interoperable with most UC vendors, including Microsoft, Cisco, RingCentral, and Zoom, to keep your deskless and mobile employees connected wherever they may work
    • Perfect for the company that wants to future-proof their mobility investment now, ensuring they will have devices that can adapt as their business needs grow with application integration that feature phones don't offer
    • Versity 92 keeps your employees protected and provides them with a sense of security with Spectralink SAFE features such as man-down and panic button capabilities for emergency situations
    • Unlike feature phones, Versity 92 integrates with a growing list of industry-specific mobile applications to streamline and automate workflows, improving efficiency and productivity, and future-proofing your mobility solution with the ability to evolve with changing technology needs
    • Never worry whether sensitive data is protected with the highest security and encryption standards on the market
    • Save time and money with Versity 92's user-swappable and separately chargeable battery to prevent device downtime (means you only need 1 device with 3 batteries for a 24-hour shift)
    • Take the worry and mystery of managing your Versity 92 fleet away with Spectralink's exclusive AMIE® dashboard; your IT and Telecomm teams never have to wonder what's going on with your Versity 92 devices, and your users can be assured their devices will work. Easily deploy, manage, and configure your devices from a centralized pane of glass, and get insights into your network, battery health, device location and so much more with AMIE.
  • DECT
    One of the only true enterprise multi-cell DECT solutions on the market, our flexible, scalable and durable world-class enterprise DECT solution delivers high-quality and secure voice communications to empower mobile workers in vast, complex environments....

  • Spectralink consistently leads the competition for DECT, offering one of the only true enterprise multi-cell DECT solutions on the market. Our flexible, scalable, and durable world-class enterprise DECT solution delivers high-quality and secure voice communications to empower mobile workers in vast, complex environments while our team of experts will get you off on the right foot with site surveys, solution design, and all the information you need to make DECT work for you.

    • With IP and Virtual DECT Servers, flexibility and scalability as your business needs change is easy
    • Large (physically and geographically) and complex sites are our specialty; whether outfitting a small office, a large warehouse, or even multiple locations, we have you covered no matter your size
    • Unparalleled enterprise multi-cell DECT performance provides full mobility so workers can roam freely without losing connectivity
    • Feature-rich, reliable, and durable handsets specifically built for key verticals means you can give your workers the right device needed to do their job
    • Broad compatibility with legacy and new systems means we can bridge the gap from on-premise and legacy PBX to leading cloud-based UCaaS platforms.
    • Deep integrations with leading UC platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco means unmatched communication features and functionality for your DECT solution
    • Keep your workers safe anywhere on the job with our "man down" feature, motion sensors, tear off cord, and panic button
    • Keep your corporate information protected with our DECT solutions that are certified to the highest level of security on the market
    • Easily manage your solutions with our exclusive award-winning, cloud-based service, AMIE®. AMIE provides a single simple, user-friendly interface for centralized administration and configuration of your entire DECT system with automatic alerts and service level reporting, so you never have to wonder what's going on with your solution.
  • AMIE mobile analytics platform
    Deploy, manage, and troubleshoot your enterprise solution from one centralized location with AMIE, and take the worry away, ensuring mobility works for your IT and telecom administrators as well as your end-users....

  • Never wonder what's happening with your enterprise mobility solution with AMIE® from Spectralink. The AMIE mobile analytics platform provides Telecom administrators' critical information for managing fleets of shared enterprise devices in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Deploy, manage, and troubleshoot your enterprise solution from one centralized location with AMIE, and take the worry away, ensuring mobility works for your IT and telecom administrators as well as your end-users.

    • Have better visibility and control of your fleet
    • Simplifies deployment and day-to-day management
    • Centralized administration for visibility anywhere you work
    • Analytics for proactively diagnosing issues
    • Premium device management features for reliable device and call performance, minimizing downtime
    • Decrease support time spent assessing device versus network issues with metrics filtered by device, Access Point, and Wi-Fi network
    • Avoid disruption from missing, or lost devices, battery performance, and other complications with devices in shared environments
    • Increase operational efficiency by optimizing device utilization across locations and departments
    • Orchestrate control of your DECT system infrastructure from one location with centralized configuration and management
    • Increase productivity by avoiding disruption and downtime. Always know the status of your servers and base stations, including call volume and distribution 
    • Safeguard call quality by monitoring user experience on the network and call volume data to ensure that the network supports the necessary load for optimal communications.
    • Receive proactive alerts when there is a problem with the resource load on a given server 
    • Save time and money by automating and scheduling backups of all your IP-DECT Servers and base stations, updating handset software, and rolling out new firmware for base stations and servers centrally from one location