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Splashtop gives retail organizations the tools they need to ensure a smooth and enjoyable customer experience across all digital touchpoints. They can minimize downtime and disruptions to revenue-impacting business processes. Splashtop remote access integrates seamlessly into existing IT environment and technician workflows, and delivers enterprise-grade security and reliability. 

With Splashtop, organizations can support and manage a range of devices across all locations from anywhere and whenever needed. This includes computers, digital signage, and POS terminals along with other mobile and IoT devices across multiple operating systems. Whether it’s to make system updates, train associates, or troubleshoot issues in real-time, IT professionals can remote in and execute the necessary tasks, just as they would in person. 

 Press Releases

  • Splashtop remote access and support solutions for retail enable IT teams to keep employees, customers and tech connected and provide a seamless shopping experience.

    CUPERTINO, Calif., Jan. 15, 2023 –  Splashtop is proud to showcase its secure retail support solutions at this year's National Retail Federation event, where retailers can discover how Splashtop empowers them to seamlessly maintain digital technology across multiple store locations remotely and deliver a frictionless shopping experience.

    Splashtop meets retailers where they are in their digital transformation journeys. Whether working from home or from a centralized department supporting any number of locations, retail IT teams can provide on-demand remote support to employees and troubleshoot devices instantly, leading to rapid restoration of device health in moments rather than hours or days. Furthermore, IT can provide scheduled maintenance and security patching for store technology after hours to limit disruption during peak hours, supporting a secure and seamless customer experience.

    Keeping technology online and smooth is critical. With many stores becoming mini-distribution centers, it’s more important than ever to maintain in-store technology — both front-of-house POS systems and back-of-house inventory management and fulfillment systems. Additionally, the diversity of digital technology used in retail is expanding, and Splashtop offers the broad device support needed to manage and maintain everything from rugged devices, scanners, and kiosks, to digital signage, POS systems, ELD and more.

    Splashtop Solutions for Retail:

    • On-demand support for employees: When computers and devices go down, employees can directly request and connect to the IT support team for prompt resolution.
    • Streamlined workflows for IT: With labor and skill shortages increasing the demand on smaller teams, often supporting numerous locations, Splashtop's service desk features provide an advanced on-demand support experience with technician grouping, service channel management and invite links, SOS Call, session routing, and more.
    • In-store device maintenance: Corporate IT can remotely schedule software updates to devices used in store locations – including computers, point of sale (POS) and inventory replenishment systems – for a time that will be the least disruptive to the customer experience and fulfilment process.
    • AR for remote field support: IT can view remote environments, diagnose physical issues (like a loose cord or obstruction) and guide non-technical personnel to resolution, reducing downtime and eliminating truck rolls.
    • High performance remote access: Staff can work anywhere in the world from any device or operating system and enjoy 4k HD quality, fast connections in real-time, and frame rates up to 60 fps.

    For more on how Splashtop can streamline your retail tech, visit Booth # 200 at NRF or visit Splashtop IoT Remote Access & Support.

    About Splashtop

    Splashtop is a leader in solutions that simplify and streamline the work-anywhere world. Its solutions for flexible work, learning and IT support deliver an experience that is as fast, simple and secure as being in front of an on-site machine. Splashtop delivers high performance with 4k quality at 60fps; advanced security features and compliance; one application for access and support for all devices and operating systems; and instant global support with direct access to an expert. More than 30 million users, including those in 85% of Fortune 500 enterprises, enjoy Splashtop products globally. Splashtop.com


  • Splashtop Enterprise
    Splashtop Enterprise is an all-in-one remote support platform that seamlessly integrates with ticketing systems and technician workflows so IT can streamline their processes and increase efficiency....

  • Splashtop Enterprise includes everything in Splashtop SOS and:

    • Unattended instant access to Android devices
    • Features like SSO integration and granular permission control to improve security posture
    • Advanced service desk support workflows maximize efficiency of the IT support teams and increase first call resolutions, with features including technician grouping and collaboration, SOS Call, session routing, and more.
    • Endpoint monitoring and management features to schedule maintenance and roll out security patches and software updates across client devices during off hours, alerting, and more.   ​
    • Choose cloud or on-premises deployment

    Add on Splashtop AR to Splashtop Enterprise technician licenses to increase first call resolution by guiding employees or customers to fix technical issues with the help of an experienced remote technician through remote camera sharing, interactive AR annotations and two-way communication. 

    Add on Splashtop Connector to Splashtop Enterprise technician licenses to securely bridge RDP connections to Windows computers and servers through Splashtop without installing additional software on those endpoints, and without using a VPN.