Stibo Systems

Atlanta,  GA 
United States
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Stibo Systems has proven to be an outstanding SaaS Master Data management solution serving hundreds of companies around the globe in different retail and consumer industries such as grocery, apparel, home improvement/DIY, hardlines, health and beauty, hospitality and automotive products.

Stibo Systems retail solution leverages the strengths of a single, open, integrated and compoundable, flexible, automated and efficient data platform and combines them with industry best practices materialized in predefined data models, workflows and data governance processes to speed up business value in the form of reduced time to value, improved omnichannel execution, extended data traceability or better customer experiences, while supporting sustainability initiatives and reducing operational risk.

Leading retail companies including M&S, Advance Auto Parts, Best Buy, Auchan Retail and Mitchells & Butlers rely on Stibo Systems to unlock the power of their data. Learn more at


  • Multidomain MDM
    Govern different data domains on a single platform to drive new insights, business agility and digital transformation.

  • Effective business processes execute and perform as expected when the data they rely upon meets defined data quality standards. It’s a robust and reliable master data management approach that enables this outcome.  However, business processes do not recognize data domain boundaries, they require master data from multiple domains to execute and perform their function efficiently. This means your MDM solution can model data from any data domain to provide a unified governance approach to ensure data is compatible and interoperable without friction.

    Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM solutions connect, manage, govern, and share data from multiple internal and external sources to provide a foundation of high-quality enterprise data that is fit for purpose. The open platform’s extensive integration and data governance capabilities enable enterprises to connect data and establish a single source of truth. This mastered data can then be leveraged to improve customer experiences, accelerate digital transformation, and achieve compliance with regulatory, business, and industry demands.  

    A single multidomain master data management solution also provides the ability for real time analytics and data discovery, providing business users and data science teams with new zones of insight within the intersections of domain data.  This empowers the business to make more informed decisions and be agile to react to new business opportunities.

  • Supplier MDM
    Maximize the value of your relationships with supplier data management...

  • Creating an effective and efficient supplier relationship management program is critical to getting products – that both you and your customers can trust – to market faster. But with supplier information stored in multiple databases and applications across various business units, teams and regions; inefficient data management processes, blind spots about supplier performance and missed opportunities often occur.

    Stibo Systems Supplier Master Data Management (Supplier MDM) delivers a transparent 360° view of suppliers by creating a single, trustworthy view of your suppliers and their products that results in greater savings, efficiencies, risk mitigation and transparency across the end-to-end supply chain.  Supplier MDM enables procurement teams to consolidate, cleanse, enrich and deduplicate supplier accounts while providing global and local governance to maintain integrity.

    Supplier MDM fully supports the supplier onboarding process from initial registration, supplier evaluation, qualification and approval. Suppliers can also upload data about their products and services, as well as maintain key supplier information, all from a single, easy-to-use supplier self-service interface.

  • Product MDM
    Acquire, manage and share trusted, accurate product data and content across the enterprise and value chain....

  • Sales are the lifeblood of every business.  This means products and services need to be effectively marketed and made available through a multitude of sales channels.  The key to providing the best possible product experiences is to provide consistent and accurate product content across all these touch points. 

    For Product Managers working in retail, distribution, manufacturing, and consumer packaged goods - Product MDM addresses the complex data management needs associated with digital transformation and the efficient acquisition, management and sharing of product master data.

    With Product MDM businesses can onboard, cleanse and enrich every aspect of product content, then synchronize it with the people, processes and systems that need it.  Product MDM allows organizations to establish corporate data governance, ensure product data quality and stewardship, speed and improve decision making, act confidently and accelerate product launches, all by leveraging a trusted source of product data.

  • Customer MDM
    Great customer relationships start with great data...

  • Customers today demand exceptional, personalized experiences that are consistent regardless of the channel they use. Winning their trust and loyalty requires accurate, high-quality data about who they are, what they want and how and where they want it.

    Stibo Systems Customer MDM provides a foundation for profitable and compliant relationships by enabling the creation of a 360° view of your customers with a single point of control and governance.  Consolidate customer data from multiple touchpoints and centralize it across the enterprise through merging and deduplication to get a consistent and trusted view of your customers, which in turn allows you to provide outstanding customer experience and service.

    Stibo Systems Customer Master Data Management (Customer MDM) consolidates, cleanses, enhances and governs customer data, enabling you to gain a better understanding of your customers and ensures consistent and complete customer information is reused throughout the enterprise. It gives retailers deeper insights into consumers’ history and preferences, while providing B2B companies a consolidated view of both their direct and indirect customers, accounts, contacts and distribution channels.