Atlanta,  GA 
United States
  • Booth: 650, 409 provide solutions for the retail industry to improve physical stores operations with AI and computer vision.  We offer turnkey solutions that provide real-time data about out of shelve situation, planogram compliance, heat maps, price product compliance, merchandising, team performance... We bring a fast ROI by being affordable, with a large functional coverage, from supply chain to checkout. Our solution is quickly integrable in an IS landscape nevertheless it can be operated in full autonomy. We maintain the dataset and integrate new products within 24 hours.

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  • - Drive your store with AI.

    Reduce out-of-shelf and fresh waste in real time!


    The future of retail chain operations will be supported by computer vision and AI. Knowing this, the French start-up,, recently opened its doors in Atlanta, GA, making its solutions available to the North American retail industry market. 


    Since its inception in 2019, has grown quickly into the largest AI install base in terms of supermarkets and users: more than 15 grocery chains, 400 supermarkets, and more than 1,000 users using the application every day. A number of grocery and retail outlets in North America are already using solutions with positive results.


    “Our solutions focus on both improving customer satisfaction and employee experience,” said Aurelien Escartin, Co-Founder & CEO.  “By reducing wait lines,  shelf outs,  and even promo and price inaccuracies, improves customer satisfaction and guides employees to work better and faster. Store managers can quickly make better decisions, all the while improving supply chain and merchandising execution.” 


    The value of resides in its simplicity of operation and its capacity to execute at scale.  Images are continuously captured, and then transformed, in real time, into usable data. From this data, task oriented actions are created. “With the largest number of supermarkets equipped in the world,” said Pierre-Marie Rallu, General Manager for North America, “our dedicated solutions are scalable and provide proven ROI in just a couple of weeks. This low cost acquisition solution requires low maintenance and has a short learning curve. The Retailer owns the data and decides what to do with it: Use of our dashboards, integrate data within their own KPIs,  and even share with vendors.”


    “We are the only company with referenceable grocery retailers using this solution across their entire organization,” Rallu said. “We have developed a reputation for going that extra mile to adapt to the grocer’s organization and processes. Our clients keep investing with us. They know, as our AI evolves, we will continue to deliver high value on their investment.”  


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