Cambridge,  MA 
United States
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Bitreel’s pioneering meta-commerce platform empowers retailers to quickly create beautiful, high-fidelity, immersive stores where customers can enjoy human-assisted, personalized sales service or shop with friends and family, just as they do today in physical stores. Combined with Augmented Reality (AR) for “try-on” and the convenience of  e-commerce, the virtual stores provide unsurpassed product discovery and deeper customer engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and transaction values. 


Additionally, Bitreel provides retailers with a cost-effective and comprehensive solution to easily and quickly transition to metacommerce. These include highly automated processes, with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tools to create, merchandise, and optimize virtual stores.


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  • Bitreel Meta Commerce Platform
    Bitreel’s meta commerce platform provides comprehensive, fully managed solution to retailers to create, manage and optimize high-fidelity, immersive stores where customers can enjoy human-assisted, personalized sales service....

  • The Bitreel meta commerce platform, enables retailers to provide immersive stores that blend the discovery, social and enjoyment aspects of physical store experiences with the convenience and ease of online buying. Via a web browser on any device, shoppers can:

    • Browse spatially through the 3D virtual store that expresses the brand values.

    • Discover products with help of product experts for a personalized experience or with friends for a social experience.

    • Explore products in 3D and view its craftmanship in every detail and from every angle..

    • Customize products to make it their own.

    • Visualize a product’s look and fit in their space, via augmented reality.


    Bitreel provides sophisticated tools to retailers to easily and quickly transition to meta commerce, including:

     (i) Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop widgets to create, curate and optimize their virtual store, or have it created by Bitreel.

     (ii) Highly automated 3D product development process. 

    (iii Content Management System that integrates with their Product Information Management (PIM) system.

    (iv) Advanced analytics to optimize their store.