Munich,  Bavaria 
  • Booth: 1217

Ariadne provides a new unique platform and business model for understanding the entire in-store customer journey, including providing the same level of analytics for physical stores as retailers have come to expect for e-commerce and digital stores. The Ariadne solution includes advanced, real-time customer analytics coupled with award winning accuracy and certified data privacy compliance, including GDPR. Track your customer's journeys with Ariadne’s end-to-end solution with NO additional capital investment, NO cameras, NO apps for shoppers to download, NO customer Wi-Fi required, and even NO network connection is not avilable. 

Here are some of the capabilities of this solution being used by 100+ clients around the world:

- Automated people counting, at multiple locations in the store, not just the entrance
- Dwell time at any and all client-defined areas
- Heatmaps showing any and all client-defined areas

- Transitions between areas of the store

as well as

- Navigation (Browser based)
- Asset Tracking
- Employee scheduling
Queue Management

- Push notifications

and so much more...