Mountain View,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1115 is building digital analytics for the retail world, helping your organization understand customer behavior inside your physical stores.

By leveraging existing camera infrastructure, delivers a scalable AI-powered Spatial Intelligence solution that drives store operations, merchandising, and display optimizations across a fleet of stores.

Address a variety of use cases including:

  • Optimizing store operations by monitoring checkout queues and wait times
  • Measuring true sales conversion rates by understanding entrance and group sizes
  • Understanding the effectiveness of merchandise and displays based on customer traffic and dwell times
  • Reacting with real-time alerts that drive better customer experiences and stronger sales conversion
  • Minimizing shrink due to theft & fraud by flagging suspicious behavior as it happens in an unbiased way

Integrated onto your business systems, delivers privacy-preserving insights through interactive dashboards and real-time alerts sent to mobile devices or email that guide employee actions.


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