Scanbot SDK GmbH

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The Scanbot SDK is a B2B software product allowing enterprises worldwide to integrate reliable barcode scanning and data capture functionalities into their mobile and web applications.   


In operational retail apps, the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK streamlines operations from receiving deliveries and managing inventory to restocking processes. The most impressive features of the SDK are its rapid scanning speed of just 0.2 seconds and its high reliability: Even when barcodes are slightly damaged, very small, or deformed, or when the lighting is not ideal, the Barcode Scanner SDK scans them reliably!


In customer-facing retail applications, the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK equips retailers with flexible barcode scanning functionalities that are easy to integrate and simple to use. Hence, the Scanbot SDK enables product lookups, stock checks, self-checkouts, and many more functionalities in your retail app. The quick scanning speed, paired with a cutting-edge AR overlay, impresses users and creates a “WOW” effect.