Montreal,  QC 
  • Booth: 1235

C2RO ENTERA™ - Stop Theft & Eliminate Operational Waste

Meet ENTERA™, the biometric-free AI Video Analytics platform that is transforming how businesses secure their assets while simultaneously improving their security protocols. 

With ENTERA™, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire customer journey. From the instant a customer steps into a store, you can track their movements, understand their preferences, and witness their engagement with diverse products. You can determine whether they try on items, their likelihood of making a purchase, whether they proceed to the cash register, and ultimately whether they complete the transaction.

🌟ENTERA™ Highlights:
1️⃣ Real-time Identification of Suspicious Activities
2️⃣ Seamless Integration with Operational Metrics & Customer Behavior
3️⃣ Thorough Historical Data Analysis for Trend Identification & Hotspot Mapping
4️⃣ Proactive Resource Allocation for Superior Store Performance
5️⃣ GDPR-Compliant, Emphasizing Data Privacy

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